-Former EastEnders star revealed she stole from her husband to fund crack habit
-Title of show called 'addicted to crack and days from death'
-The 39-year-old revealed her toddler son had to shove a chocolate bar into her mouth when she was in a 'cocaine convulsion'

By Lucy Buckland

She famously admitted her chronic cocaine use left her without a septum, but Daniella Westbrook has now revealed the shocking new depths she sunk to while in the grips of her costly addiction.

Appearing on a festive special of hit daytime drama The Jeremy Kyle show, the former EastEnders star wept as she admitted she did a line of cocaine during her son's birth and used to steal money from her own husband to stay high.

The blonde actress, who is now a born again Christian, broke down as she admitted she asked people to leave the delivery room while she was giving birth to Kai, so she could snort the Class A drug.

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Shocking: Daniella's revealed the devastating depths she sunk to while in the grips of her addiction

And her confession carried on as she revealed her toddler son had to watch her breakdown from a 'cocaine convulsion.'

Speaking to an unusually calm Kyle, London-born Daniella, 39, said: 'I was in a terrible state.

'I had a cocaine convulsion and my three year old son was trying to put a Mars Bar in my mouth, trying to make me come round.'

Addicted to crack and days from death: Danielle wept as she revealed she couldn't break free from her addiction

Broken: Daniella recalled how she asked doctors to leave the delivery room so she could snort crack cocaine

Praise: Jeremy kept calm as Daniella wept on the show and said she should be proud of how she stayed clean for 12 years

Tearful Daniella, who previously dated East 17 singer Brian Harvey, said it was her husband Kevin Jenkins who put her in rehab, in Arizona, after she became out of control.

She admitted: 'I stole from him, I was taking drugs.

'I was three months pregnant and he just put me on a plane to Arizona, I was so drugged up I didn't know what was happening.

Rehab: After becoming clean Daniella became a born again Christian

Hug it out! Daniella said she was thrilled to meet Jeremy

'The first two weeks I was a terrible person, but then I just thought "I need to do this"'.

And Daniella, who has been clean for 12 years, is proud of her ability to conquer her cocaine addiction.

Although she admitted to having a slip up when she was on a four-month split from her husband.

Ruined: Daniella, pictured 12 years ago, just before she went clean

She said she turned to the bottle and ended up seeing a doctor who prescribed her heavy medication.

She told Kyle: 'I was really down. I went to see a mental health doctor and I said I was really, really ill and I had started drinking.

'I am now on a lot of medication.'

And Daniella, who featured on the festive show with Kerry Katona, said she was incredibly excited to meet Kyle as she is a massive fan of the show.

Drag queen and cage fight Alex Reid also featured on an earlier special.

WATCH Westbrook distraught during Jeremy Kyle interview...

Her saviour: Daniella credits husband Kevin with helping her face her demons


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