By Hanna Flint

Single mother Chantelle Houghton has confessed her relationship with cross-dressing fiancé Alex Reid came to a dramatic halt because of another man.

The 'other' man the model refers to is so far unknown, but it comes amid claims Reid allegedly tried to kiss his former agent, Richard Curson, 37, and sent him a string of supposedly explicit text messages.

She also admitted that the cage fighter's love of dressing up as his alter-ego Roxanne was another driving force behind her decision to go it alone.

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Final straw: Alex's cross-dressing was another reason why Chantelle split with him

Upset: Chantelle looked uncomfortable throughout the interview on the Irish chat show

In the past Chantelle, 29, has spoken publicly about the arguments she and Alex, 37, had over flirty texts she had found on his phone to Curson.

Reid even owned up to the lewd nature of the messages: 'We did argue about Richard. I've made naughty jokes of an adult nature, which were private.'

'It has been purposefully misconstrued.'

There is no suggestion from Chantelle that the other man she refers to is Curson.
Chantelle said: 'I didn't break up with Alex lightly.'

'Ultimately a man ended our relationship and that's all I'm prepared to say on the matter.'

Discovering that Alex's cross-dressing was not just a publicity stunt was also very hard for Chantelle.

She told The Saturday Night show that she 'would not have been in a relationship if she knew that.'

The cage fighter's love for dressing up in outlandish women's clothing has been an activity carried out by Alex since the days prior to his relationship with Katie Price.

Now since the latest split from the father of her first child - four-month old Dolly - Chantelle has been noticeably suffering.

Joke: Chantelle found out Alex's cross-dressing was not just a bit of fun whilst she was pregnant

Being a single mother was not at all what the reality star - who found fame as the only non-celebrity on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006 - expected to become when she and Alex first announced their pregnancy,

Speaking on the show she said: 'I never appreciated what it was like to be a single mum before, and I'm in a very fortunate situation that I don't have money worries.'

'But it's hard going through a break-up and being mum as well - it's really tough.'

MailOnline contacted Reid for a comment but his publicist said he was unwilling to give a response.

She added: 'Hopefully at the right point he will address the comments Chantelle has made.'

VIDEO: Chantelle's revealing interview...

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