By Sadie Whitelocks

At eight weeks old she was taken on a shopping trip to a baby boutique, getting her first taste of fashion.

And now eight-month-old Harper Seven is being introduced to the art world as, according to reports, she has been presented with a bespoke baby monitor personalised by Brit artist Damien Hirst, which experts believe could be worth up to £10,000.

The controversial star, who is best known for suspending animals in tanks of formaldehyde and his diamond-encrusted human skull, is said to be a favourite of the Beckhams.

David and Victoria have given Harper Seven her first taste of the art world with a baby monitor customised by Damien Hirst

Their mansion reportedly houses at least three paintings, including a silver bull's heart given to Victoria by her footballer husband, David.

The Sun claimed that the new baby monitor is printed with Hirst's signature butterfly motif and commentators have confirmed it could be the most expensive device of its kind in the world.

Art critic David Lee,editor of the Jackdaw arts magazine, told MailOnline: 'Artistically it's valueless, but because of Hirst's position in the market place it's worth something to people.

'There is novelty value and people will pay significantly more for items once owned by a celebrity. You can't really display the baby monitor on a mantlepiece, but it's crazy the prices that people pay these days.

'The Beckhams probably paid little more than £100 but now I would estimate the baby monitor to be worth £10,000.'

It is not known what kind of baby monitor Hirst personalised for the Beckhams

The Beckhams are said to be a fan of the British artist Damien Hirst

Victoria Beckham, 38, also owns a pair of Manolo Blahnik ankle boots personalised by Hirst which were inspired by one if his spot paintings.

But the former Spice Girl is understood never to have worn the footwear outside and they are kept in a glass display case at her Los Angeles base. Some have valued them at £250,000.

Beckhams' publicist denied the family had received the Hirst baby monitor, as first reported by The Sun.

After five years the Beckhams are now making Los Angeles a permanent home and are having their Hertfordshire mansion valued by estate agents.

A retrospective of Hirst's work is running at London's Tate Modern until September 9.

Victoria is thought to own a pair of boots similar to these Manolo Blahnik and Damien Hirst 'Dot' Boots on display at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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