By Sarah Bull

'There's no such thing as can't!' Katie Price defied her critics last night as she won a highbrow debate at Cambridge Union against Boris Johnson's younger sister Rachel

She has admitted on numerous occasions that she isn't the most intelligent person.

But last night Katie Price proved that she has both tenacity and determination as she won a highbrow debate at Cambridge University.

The 33-year-old model was debating against Boris Johnson's younger sister Rachel, former editor of The Lady, as she opposed the motion: 'This house believes the only limit to female success is female ambition.'

Fighting their corners: Rachel Johnson, editor of The Lady, and Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones

Under pressure: The Union has developed a worldwide reputation as a place for free debate

And despite forgetting her lines, the mother-of-three ended up beating the opposing team after a 10-minute speech, earning herself a loud cheer from the packed Cambridge Union.

The students showed strong support for Katie who admitted she works hard in order to support her family, and told the students 'it’s all about reaching your goals'.

And Katie, who has proved to be a shrewd businesswoman, also told the audience 'you have to be realistic' as she admitted she had never been particularly bright at school.

She joked: 'If you play Trivial Pursuit with me I will definitely lose.'

The former page three model, later revealed her motto was 'there is no such thing as can’t, because I can.'

She added: 'You can fire a cannon ball at me now and it won’t affect me. I do my job not because I have to but because I love it.'

Katie also admitted the biggest regret of her career was singing in the Eurovision song contest, saying she had no idea why she entered the 2005 contest with the track Not Just Anybody.

She said: 'I’ve made lots of mistakes, but I have got no regrets apart from the Eurovision, I don’t know what I was thinking.'

Katie's victory came after Ms Johnson's speech which saw her pass some particularly sarcastic remarks about the model's career.

She said: 'The sky is the limit or in your case a 10 part series on Sky called Katie,' drawing gasps from the audience.

Ms Johnson then added: 'Katie Price’s novels are for real lovers of literature.'

She later tweeted from inside the Chamber: 'I would like to confirm that we are getting on like a proverbial house on fire, cough.'

Feeling nervous? Katie looked apprehensive before she made her 10-minute speech on the subject

What's next: Katie was seen checking her notes frequently during the debate, and littered her comments with swear words

Ms Johnson formed the proposition teams alongside Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones and Steve Moxon, the anti-feminist author of The Woman Racket.

Katie, meanwhile, was joined on her team by Charlotte Vere, the founder of think tank Women On.

Two security guards were on the Union door for the debate and students were banned from taking photos throughout the evening.

Before the event, President of the Cambridge Union, Katie Lam, said: 'I decided to invite Katie Price because she’s a prominent public figure who is very popular among and represents the aspirations of a large number of women and girls in the UK, and I thought her perspective would be a valuable one to add to the debate.

Success: Katie and Charlotte Vere, the founder of the Women On think-tank, are told they have won the debate

Doh! Katie covers her face with her notes at one point during the highbrow debate

'I haven’t really seen her speak in this kind of context, but I think it will be great to hear from her and for students to be able to understand and challenge her point of view.'

Following the debate, first-year student Helen Charman said she had voted for Katie,
The 18-year-old explained: 'Whatever you think about the way she has made her money, you can't fault the fact she has succeeded in what is still a very masculine world.'

The debate received 39 ayes, 497 noes and 51 abstentions, meaning that on the motion the the only limit to female success is female ambition was defeated.

Katie follows in the footsteps of former US President Ronald Reagan, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and Clint Eastwood.

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