By Nadia Mendoza

Back to a size six: Heidi Range showed off her newly-svelte figure in a skintight gold catsuit for Dancing On Ice's movie night last night

She had said previously that one of the main reasons she had decided to take part in Dancing On Ice was to lose weight.

And now Sugababes singer Heidi Range has expressed her delight after the ITV talent show helped her slim back down to a size six.

Heidi spoke about her weight loss as she showed off her newly-svelte figure in a skintight gold catsuit as she paid tribute to James Bond movie Goldfinger on yesterday's Movie Night show.

Slimming down: The 28-year-old singer has lost a stone since she began on Dancing On Ice last year

The 28-year-old singer, who has shed a stone since starting on Dancing On Ice, said: 'The weight loss has been brilliant. I was just over eight-and-a-half stone before I started. I've always had to work really hard on my figure. I guess I've been stressed over the past few months too - lots of things have added to the weight loss.

'But I'm thinking the world is my oyster right now. The show has been brilliant - it has given me my confidence back.'

And Heidi's confidence was certainly clear to see as she took to the ice with partner Andrei Lipanov to the soundtrack of Shirley Bassey's Goldfinger.

Secretary chic: Jorgie Porter performed to Dolly Parton hit 9 to 5, tying with Matthew Wolfenden to get 21.5

However, Heidi wasn't the only star to impress the judges with both her skating skills and her costume last night.

Hollyoaks starlet Jorgie Porter was dressed in a quirky secretary outfit, showing off her slender figure in a blue mini skirt and short-sleeve polka dot skirt.

Despite struggling with a certain lift in rehearsal, where Matt thrusts Jorgie into the air and perches her bottom on the palm of his hand, the couple nailed their number.

Referring to the correct execution of the lift, Jorgie said: 'I think I was saved by my knickers.'

Skating success: Jorgie appears to have formed a bond with partner Matt Evers

Shock! Jorgie put her head in her hands when the scores came through from the judges

At the beginning of the act, her hair was tied up in a bun before she unpinned it and shook it loose.

Speaking of his partner, Matt said: 'I have to thank Jayne and Chris for giving me my ultimate fantasy and skating with a secretary.'

Louie Spence praised the pair, saying: 'It was fast, fun and fabulous! It was jam-packed with choreography. It was so complete, I don't know where we're going to go with you?'

Joint first: Matthew Wolfenden and Nina Ulanova scored the same as Jorgie and Matt with Night Fever

Natural strength: Matthew lifted partner Nina with grace - unlike in rehearsals where they struggled

And her performance to the Dolly Parton classic 9 to 5 earned Jorgie, 21, an impressive 21.5 out of 30, making her level pegging with Emmerdale actor Matthew Wolfenden on the scoreboard.

For their debut performance in previous weeks, Matthew actually beat Jorgie by two points after receiving 20.5 - but they weren't in direct competition as they performed in separate episodes.

This means war: Matthew gave a thumbs up after learning he earned the same as Jorgie

Fellow panellist Katarina Witt, who gave them their top solo judge score of 7.5, added: 'The time flies by watching you perform. You have the whole package!'

Meanwhile, Matthew was hot on her tail with his disco dancing to Night Fever.

The former Soapstar Superstar contestant, who skated with Nina Ulanova, perhaps had an unfair advantage after having toured in a theatre production of Saturday Night Fever for a year.

Conservative: It wasn't long before the glasses were thrown off and the hair was tumbling everywhere

Practice makes perfect: Jorgie fell several times in rehearsal before nailing the move

The couple had also been struggling with a particular lift, in which Matthew flips Nina upside down.

He said: 'I was very nervous, but it (the lift) was right at the beginning, so we got it out the way.'

Robin Cousins, who awarded them an 8, said: 'If you cut the camera view off above the knee, you couldn't tell which feet belonged to the celebrity and which to the professional.'

Getting into character: Nina had never seen Saturday Night Fever, so Matthew took her to a Seventies night

Meanwhile, Katarina went a little red saying he looked sexy, but Louie said it lacked spark.

Despite Corey Feldman landing at the bottom of the scoreboard with 8, it was Mark Rhodes who was voted off the show after ending up in the skate-off with Charlene Tilton.

Comfort over style: Jennifer was seen leaving the Dancing On Ice studios last night wearing a fluffy dressing gown and UGG boots

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