By Sarah Bull

Time to say goodbye: Amelia Lily was voted off The X Factor tonight in the first part of the show's final

Amelia was voted off The X Factor tonight, missing out on a place in tomorrow night's final show.

Instead, Little Mix and Marcus Collins were voted through by the general public after all three finalists performed at London's Wembley Arena.

Amelia's departure came after she had earlier wowed viewers with a stunning duet alongside mentor Kelly Rowland, as the pair belted out River Deep, Mountain High.

Swansong: Amelia's departure came after she wowed viewers with a duet of River Deep, Mountain High with mentor Kelly Rowland

Asked how she felt about leaving, Amelia said: 'Can I just say thank you to everyone who voted me back in to the competition. My ambition was to get to the final and I did it. And this isn't the last of Amelia Lily!'

'Tonight was the best night of my life and the best moment was performing with Kelly Rowland herself.'

And mentor Kelly said: 'She's only 17 and look how incredibly bright her future is. she's an absolute star.'

For the first time, the three finalists were given the terrifying and overwhelming task of performing in front of an audience of 10,000 at Wembley.

Safe for another day: Little Mix will now battle against Marcus Collins for the X Factor crown

An excited Little Mix expressed their disbelief at having made it so far in the competition while Marcus said: 'I'm in the final now - I really don't want to fall at the final point.'

And Amelia added: 'To win The X Factor would be my chance to pay my mum and dad back for everything they have done and given to me.'

X Factor host Dermot O'Leary was once again given the opportunity to show off his dance moves ina specially-created montage starring once-favourite act Goldie Cheung, before making a grand entrance in a black taxi onto the Wembley Arena stage where he continued his dancing.

Last chance: Little Mix, Amelia Lily and Marcus make their way on to the stage

Judgement day: Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland, Tulisa Contostavlos and Louis Walsh arrive for the final

Clearly thrilled about presenting the final at Wembley Arena, Dermot said: 'Britain, here we go - the biggest X Factor final and it starts right here!'

The judges then made their entrance to the sounds of Live And Let Die.

While Tulisa shocked in her French maid-style white and black polka dot outfit, Kelly Rowland went for an elegant and understated approach in her beautiful blue gown.

Who has got what it takes? Little Mix, Marcus Collins and Amelia Lily are the last three acts standing on The X Factor

Talking about their acts making it to the final, Kelly said of Amelia Lily: 'Amelia has what it takes, and then some, to win The X Factor.'

Gary said of Marcus: 'As far as I'm concerned, Marcus is the winner', while Tulisa argued that Little Mix should win, saying: 'This is the next generation, it's about time a group won!'

The remaining finalists kicked things off by performing Take That's Greatest Day.

As Amelia shone in a pretty gold sequinned dress, Little Mix wowed in their sexy geometric-style outfits, while Marcus looked dapper in his leather jacket and black T-shirt.

Retro stylings: Marcus performed Outkast's Hey Ya accompanied by air stewardesses with suitcases

The first part of the X Factor double-episode final this weekend saw each act perform a track on their own before joining their mentors for a duet.

First up on their own was Marcus Collins, performing a lively rendition of Outkast's Hey Ya.

Before his performance, Marcus was seen returning to his hometown of Liverpool, arriving back at his former school in a helicopter, much to the delight of hundreds of fans.

Talking about returning home, Marcus said: 'It's such a buzz, it's incredible. I can't believe it - it's just absolute madness!'

Jetting off: Marcus performed his song on top of a model jumbo jet

Excited: Marcus looked thrilled to be performing at Wembley

After a visit to the school, Marcus returned to his mother's house along with Gary, who delighted in getting gossip about his act from his family.

He then ended his evening with a performance in Liverpool's city centre, with Marcus admitting: 'This has been the best day ever, ever, ever.'

Marcus then made his way on to the stage accompanied by a group of sexy air stewardesses as he belted out Hey Ya wearing a retro double-breasted suit and glasses.

After Marcus' performance, which earned him a standing ovation from all four judges, Louis said: 'It's amazing, you're living your dream, you're what the show is all about and you tick every single box. You're a born pop star.'

Double denim: Little Mix showed off their figures in cutaway denim outfits as they delighted judges with a rendition of You Got The Love

Tulisa said: ' Marcus, you did it, you made it to the final. The hard work and the determination paid off!'

And Kelly added: 'Marcus, you came up here and you have such a good time. I love it. Congratulations on a great performance.'

Marcus' mentor Gary concluded: 'Well done mate. Out of all of the other contestants you have come in week after week and got better and better. It's such a pleasure working with you, I love spending time with you. Well done!'

That's what you call an entrance! Little Mix made their way on to the stage on motorbikes

Beaming: The girls couldn't contain their delight following the positive comments from the judges

Asked by Dermot how he felt about performing at Wembley, Marcus said: 'I'm on top of the world. My dreams are coming true tonight. I'm going to keep giving it everything.'

Next up were Little Mix, who began their pre-performance montage by screaming they couldn't believe they had made it to the final.

The quartet were seen returning to each of their four homes, Leigh-Anne's in High Wycombe, before heading to Jesy's hometown of Romford.

Pretty in pink: Amelia matched her pink hair to her pretty tutu-dress for her performance

The third location was South Shields for Perrie's hometown before the group moved on to the theatre where Jade used to perform.

Tulisa, who accompanied the girls, said: 'Coming home and meeting their families just makes me want them to win even more.'

Little Mix then donned sexy denim outfits to delight the judges with their own version of Florence And The Machine's You've Got The Love.

The girls were accompanied by flag-toting dancers and fireworks for their incredible performance.

Kicking off the judges' comments was Louis, who said: 'All those months ago when we started off we wanted to find something new and special - this is the next new girl band. I love everything about you - the voices, the chemistry. Girl Power back int he charts - vote for Little Mix.'

Candy colours: Amelia was flanked by dancers who complemented her pale pink outfit

Giving it all: Amelia showcased her incredible vocal range with the track

Kelly said: 'I am so happy for you. I want you to take this in and get used to being on this stage,a nd get used to people screaming your name because you are incredibly special.'

Gary said: 'I think it's amazing that three months ago you didn't even know each other. The two ingredtients of being a successful band are friendship and hard work.'

Mentor Tulisa concluded: 'I am so proud of you - I'm actually lost for words. You got yourselves here today with all that hard work and little mix fans got you here - let's hope they take you all the way.'

Boyband heaven: JLS collaborated with One Direction on a mash-up

Looking dapper: One Direction made their entrance on an elevated platform

United: The groups made many teenage girls' dreams come true with the collaboration

Following their performance, Jesy said: 'It feels incredible - the buzz that we get is amazing and thank you for everyone who has got us here.'

Last for her solo performance was Amelia Lily, who was seen returning home to Middlesborough, and Teeside High School.

A stunned Amelia said: 'I couldn't believe the reaction I got from the kids, it was absolutely amazing. It was great to have so much support.'

Kelly then joined Amelia at her family home where she met her relatives, and said: 'Everybody's so proud of you, I'm so proud of you, so cheers to you Amelia Lily.'

Soulful: Gary Barlow and Marcus Collins belted out Billy Joel's She's Always A Woman for the final

Best of friends: Both Gary and Marcus appeared to be relishing the experience of performing with each other

Later in the evening, Amelia performed at The Empire in Middlesborough, saying: 'Not in a million years could I have asked for a better day. It has been more than perfect and I will treasure this for the rest of my life.'

Amelia Lily matched her pale pink hair to a pretty tutu-style dress as she took on a Christina Aguilera classic with Ain't No Other Man.

Following the performance, Luis said: 'You are the comeback kid. The public voted you back and I see something raw and something amazing - it's all about the potential with you.'

On his own: Louis, who has no acts remaining, was left on the panel as the rest of the judges performed with their acts

Tulisa said: 'You haven't been here for the whole competition but you didn't let that stop you - you gave it 100 per cent and look where you are, that goes to show what a star you are.'

Gary said: 'Amazing performance tonight. Being the youngest contestant left I was worried how you were going to make the transition from a TV show to Wembley but you did it beautifully.'

And mentor Kelly said: 'I'm so incredibly proud of you - fantastic job today.'

Afterwards, Amelia said: 'I'm just so grateful to everybody out there who has supported me already.'

Four become five: Tulisa joined her last remaining act Little Mix to perform a mash-up of Empire State Of Mind and If I Ain't Got You

Then it was the turn of JLS and One Direction to make an incredible super band with a mash-up of JLS' She Makes Me Wanna, before One Direction came in with What Makes You Beautiful.

The super-band then sang a mash-up of the two tracks, bounding into the audience on elevated platforms.

Next up was the contestants singing with their mentors.

First was Marcus, singing Billy Joel's She's Always A Woman with mentor Gary Barlow.

Glamour girls: Jesy and Jade couldn't believe that they were performing with Tulisa at Wembley

Unique: The girls performed a mash-up of Alicia Keys' Empire State Of Mind and If I Ain't Got You

Before the performance, Marcus said: 'Gary has been more than a mentor for me - I've never met anybody so talented in all my life.'

He also dedicated the track to his mother, explaining: 'Over the years, my mum has had to sacrifice so much for me. There's a lot at stake and I don't want to let her down.

'This is something I want to achieve, I want to say, yes I did that. This is what I want.'

Afterwards, Gary said: 'Honestly, Marcus has been incredible. One of the great things about him is that he listens- he has done that for 10 weeks running.'

And Marcus said: 'It's a dream come true to sing with Gary Barlow, it has been incredible.'

Next up was Little Mix, who had changed into glamorous sheer black outfits to perform a mash-up of Empire State Of Mind and If I Ain't Got You with judge Tulisa.

Before the performance, the girls said: 'If it wasn't for Tulisa believing in us from the start, we wouldn't be here today.

'We cannot wait to stand on the stage in front of 10,000 people and sing it with Tulisa. We have to go out there tonight and give the best performance we have ever given.'

And Tulisa, who had changed into a pointed shoulder outfit for the group track, added she was feeling nervous about the performance, adding: 'This is my first experience singing with girls.'

Afterwards, Tulisa said of Little Mix: 'I really have met friends - such true, genuine, talented young ladies who deserve this more than anyone I know.'

And Jade added: 'We wouldn't have wanted to duet with anyone else - we couldn't be happier doing it with Tulisa.'

Finally duetting with her mentor was Amelia, who took on a gospel classic with mentor Kelly Rowland as the pair sang Ike and Tina Turner's River Deep, Mountain High.

Black and gold: Amelia and Kelly performed River Deep, Mountain High for their duet

Best of friends: Amelia and Kelly couldn't stop raving about each other after the performance

While Kelly showed off her legs in a pretty gold dress and emerald green heels,Amelia had changed into a fringed black dress.

Prior to the performance, Kelly said: 'Right from the start I knew that Amelia had something. The past couple of weeks we have really bonded. She is one of the sweetest, most talented ladies I have ever met.'

And Amelia added: 'Kelly is so amazing as a mentor. Everything she says makes me better as a singer. Never did I think I would be saying, "I'm mates with Kelly Rowland!" '

Lady in red: Leona Lewis performed her single Hurt from her upcoming Christmas three-track EP

'A bit of adrenaline is a good thing': Former winner Leona said she knew how the finalists must have been feeling

After the performance, Kelly said: 'She is a born superstar. From her voice to everything about her. She is so incredibly humble and she has persevered so much.'

And Amelia said: 'I couldn't have asked for a better mentor. This lady has been the biggest person in my life right now and she has been the biggest inspiration. I couldn't have asked for anything more.'

Amelia also took the opportunity to thank her father, adding: 'It's actually thanks to my dad that I'm in this competition. He encouraged me to audition so thank you Dad.'

The next guest performance came from former X Factor winner Leona Lewis, as she took to the stage in a stunning red gown to perform her single Hurt.

Dapper: Michael Bublé donned a sharp tuxedo as he performed a Christmas track

Feeling festive: Bublé performed to a very Christmassy backdrop

Asked by Dermot how the contestants would be feeling, Leona said: 'They will be feeling so nervous. I can't even imagine and especially being in Wembley Arena. I think it's a good thing to have a bit of adrenaline.'

After Leona's performance, Dermot asked Louis what he thought about the judges'

duets, to which he replied: 'The three judges nailed it - I didn't know that Tulisa could sing so well, she was amazing. And then Kelly came on and Kelly put it down!'

Asked who he thought would take home the X Factor crown, Gary said: 'We've all said it, we can't call it. It's anybody's final.'

The third guest performance came from Michael Bublé, who sang a track from his Christmas album.

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