Rivalry in the making? Cheryl Cole recently ventured into the fashion world with the launch of her debut shoe collection

They're two of the UK's most famous female exports, but it seems that Cheryl Cole and Victoria Beckham have widely differing opinions on each other.

While Cheryl gushed in a recent interview that she is a huge fan of Victoria's work, Posh Spice herself is less keen on the Fight For This Love singer's taste.

A source has claimed that the designer resents the fact that should Cheryl make a move into fashion, the pair will be compared at every turn.

'Victoria has spent years trying to distance herself from the world of the WAGs that she and Cheryl inhabited when they were friends during the 2006 World Cup,' a source told Heat magazine this week.

'She's fought tooth and nail to be respected in the world of high fashion and last week she was the toast of New York's Fashion Week.'

'Now she feels as though Cheryl's trying to piggy-back on all of her hard work,' they added.

.. but Victoria Beckham reportedly isn't happy with the Girls Aloud star's move into fashion even though Cheryl is a huge fan of the former Spice Girl's work

Cheryl meanwhile has been approached to produce a shoe line for shopping site, and it appears that she's found inspiration in her fellow singer-turned fashion queen.

'I saw Victoria on a plane recently and she said how exciting it is to be a designer', the 28-year-old divulged in an interview for this week's edition of Grazia.

'I think it's brilliant what she's done. I'd love to do what she's doing. Her New York Fashion Week collection was my favourite,' she continued.

Clearly throwing herself into her new venture with enthusiasm, she added: 'I pulled out all my shoes from my closet and a million tear sheets.'

Enthusiastic: Cheryl pictured the StylistPick launch party earlier this month, has gushed that she loved Victoria's latest collection, and has taken to her own new designing role with gusto

But heat's source claims that Victoria feels Cheryl has 'stolen her idea,' having had many conversations in the past with the X Factor star about shoes in the past.

Cheryl on the other hand feels she's been putting the work in, as she told Grazia: 'I think I've cracked it.'

She also tried to make her personal motivations for the move very clear, continuing: 'I'm all about shopping online because I hate changing rooms. Those horrible lights, unflattering mirrors. I prefer to try stuff on at home.'

She adds that she is glad to be designing for a site like stylistpick because the contents of others such as Net a Porter aren't affordable for everyone.

Insecure: Victoria, pictured shopping in New York recently with baby daughter Harper, has worked very hard to make a name for herself in high fashion

This uncomfortable difference of opinion echoes a similar incident in 2009, when Cheryl commented that Victoria's dress range was more suited for 'older women'.

Another source talking to Heat has reportedly divulged that Victoria has 'confidence issues,' aggravated by the fact that Cheryl is 'younger and very beautiful.'

But the source adds that Victoria's main concern is not that her designs will overlap with Cheryl's, but that if Cheryl entering the fashion arena, the inevitable comparisons made between them could add to her insecurities.

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