By Sarah Bull

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag asked Celebrity Big Brother producers to call in their lawyers on Saturday night's show after Fight Night.

The American pair, who first found fame on US reality show The Hills, refused to be filmed in the Diary Room as they demanded to speak to 'a human' rather than the generic Big Brother voice.

Recalling the incidents of the Fight Night, Spencer told Big Brother he had feared for his life when Neil 'Razor' Ruddock stepped in in a confrontational manner during an argument between Spencer and Neighbours star Ryan Moloney.

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'We want to speak to our lawyer': Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag refused to be filmed in the Diary Room as they demanded to speak to producers after the Celebrity Big Brother fight night

Explaining he had 'seen his life flash before his eyes', Spencer said: 'We want to speak to the executive producer in person. We want to speak to our lawyer.'

Heidi was also seen telling Spencer: 'They have to let us leave.'

Big Brother then allowed the pair to return to the safety of the basement while the rest of the housemates calmed down.

War of words: Things kicked off when Heidi and Spencer returned to the house after a secret task which saw them watching the proceedings inside the house from the basement

Tempers fraying: The Hills pair had a few problems with some things people had said about them after they 'left'

Kicking off: Ryan Moloney found himself angering Spencer when making a joke to 'lighten the mood'

Things had become heated when Heidi and Spencer returned to the house after having watched proceedings from the safety of the basement, following a staged 'walk out' as part of a secret task they had been set by Big Brother.

Before returning to the house, Speidi were given the opportunity to nominate the two 'most boring reality TV contestants in the show' - which saw them put Rylan Clark and Claire Richards up for nomination.

But it was the reasons behind the nominations which caused former X Factor star Rylan to see red, when Spencer accused him of playing up to the cameras.

VIDEO Speidi asks Big Brother to leave the house

Squaring up: Fiercely protective of his Neighbours pal, Neil 'Razor' Ruddock then got involved

Back off: The footballer had to be held off by Rylan Clark and Gillian Taylforth as he advanced menacingly on Speidi

And when Spencer and Heidi returned into the house, the singer almost immediately asked the pair to explain their comments, before breaking down in tears as he explained he is still trying to get used to his new-found celebrity status.

However, it was when Neighbours actor Ryan stepped in, attempting to 'lighten the mood' with a joke, that things turned ugly.

Following housemates' speculation that Heidi and Spencer's is a staged relationship because they are never seen kissing or cuddling in the house, Ryan asked Spencer: 'So, when you're in private, do you kiss?'

Scared: Spencer later told Big Brother he had 'seen his life flash before his eyes', and the pair insisted they didn't feel safe in the house

Back in the basement: Heidi and Spencer rejoiced as Big Brother bosses left them return to the basement

Cuddling up: The duo also saw off their critics with a tender display as they jumped on the bed

A stunned Spencer then retaliated, mocking Ryan's accent as he argued against the claims.

But as Spencer became more aggressive with his retorts, Razor felt it was his time to step in, telling Spencer: 'Oi, don't be nasty.'

He then added: 'Because if you want to get nasty, I could be the horriblist (sic) **** to you in the world.'

As he stood up and squared up to Spencer, he was pulled away from the situation by Rylan and Gillan Taylforth.

I'm sorry: Razor was called to the Diary Room shortly after the incident and was very apologetic for his behaviour

One more and you're out: In the early hours of the next morning, Razor was once again called to the Diary Room and was given a formal warning from Big Brother for his 'unacceptable' behaviour

After having calmed down in the garden by having a cigarette with Rylan, Razor returned into the sitting room and apologised to both Heidi and Spencer, shaking their hands while doing so.

In addition, the footballer was also called into the Diary Room later in the evening and spoken to about his behaviour, with Big Brother stressing that the safety of the housemates is paramount.

Razor was called into the Diary Room again in the early hours of the following morning, and was given a formal warning by Big Brother following the incident which producers deemed 'unacceptable' after watching the footage back.


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