By Hayley Coyle

Sharon Osbourne is no stranger to fad dieting and cosmetic surgery - in fact she's a self-confessed obsessive about looking young.

But after a dramatic double mastectomy last year and a disastrous lap-band experience, the larger than life TV personality seems to have found a diet that has actually worked for her.

The mother-of-three told Us Weekly magazine recently that she has been following the Atkins diet.

Trim: Sharon Osbourne revealed she lost 28 pounds in three months thanks to the Atkins diet. She is pictured at the CBS 2012 Fall Premiere at the Graystone Mansion in Hollywood

Sharon said that as she approached her 60th birthday she wanted to look her best, so when the Atkins people approached her, she jumped at the chance.

She said: 'In three months, I've lost 28 pounds on the Atkins diet. I want to lose another seven and I'll do that over time.

'I've struggled with my weight for my entire life. I've been fat and I've been thin.

Looking good for 60: The mother-of-three said the low carb approach has worked wonders, but she's still another seven pounds from her target weight. Pictured recently, left, and in January 2011, right

'As you know, I got the lap-band and lost a ton of weight, but it made me so sick.

'That's why I had to remove it. But when I removed it, I gained about 45 pounds,' she explained of her 1999 lap-band surgery.

'That's when Atkins approached me about possibly doing this and I was like, "Where do I sign?'

'It has been a life changing experience,' Sharon said of the low-carb diet.
'It's really not a diet. It's a lifestyle change.'

Sharon also revealed that in a show of support her son Jack and husband Ozzy are also on the low-carb diet.

She said: 'Jack and Ozzy are doing the diet along with me and my one assistant.
'They love it because it is so convenient. It's so yummy. It's all about proteins and vegetables.

'You can go out to eat and you can have scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, or a salad. On the diet, it's very broad what you can eat.'

Sharon recently announced the shocking news that she had undergone a double mastectomy last year after doctors found she had the breast cancer gene.

Though she was not diagnosed with cancer she and her doctor decided it was safer in the long run to remove both of her breasts.

The former X Factor judge, who has previously battled colon cancer, said: 'I've had cancer before, and I didn't want to live under that cloud . . . the odds are not in my favour. I decided to take everything off, and had a double mastectomy.'

And sadly son Jack is not in the best of health either.

He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a few months ago but did however welcome his first child, baby Pearl, into the world with new wife Lisa Stelly in April.

Sharon said of her baby granddaughter: 'She's gorgeous. She is like a love muffin. She is like this little Michelin baby, her legs are all wrinkly and big. She's gorgeous.'

She added: 'Every minute with her is special.'

Family support: The glamorous grandmother also revealed that son Jack and husband Ozzy are also on the diet


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