By Kirsty Mccormack

It was a situation that Cheryl Cole probably thought she'd never find herself in, but the singer has revealed she went for a sexual health check following her ex-husbands infidelities.

Admitting that the whole experience was traumatic, Cheryl explains her reasons for doing so in her new autobiography, Cheryl: My Story.

In an exclusive look at the upcoming book, The Sun have reported that Cheryl was being 'chased by the paparazzi everywhere' even when she went to the clinic to get herself checked out.

Playing it safe: Cheryl Cole has admitted she had a sexual health check after discovering that her ex-husband Ashley had cheated on her

'I had to face the fact that Ashley's infidelity had been putting me at risk for a long time, and I had to put my mind at rest,' she wrote in the book.

Luckily, the Girls Aloud star was given the all clear, but she admits that her 'emotional health' was still very much damaged.

In her own words, Cheryl describes the very first moment that she learned of Ashley's cheating and how she dealt with it in the days, weeks and months following the revelations.

The 29-year-old star first heard of the allegations from head of publicity at record company Polydor.

Happier times: In her upcoming autobiography, the singer admits that she physically lashed out at the footballer when she found out what he'd done

This was the moment that Cheryl's world came crashing down, on January 24 2008.

In the frank and honest book, Cheryl goes on to say that she proceeded to read the story as it hit The Sun website at midnight and as a mixture of emotions set in, she couldn't help but explode.

'Before I knew it, I was lashing out at Ashley in every way I possibly could,' she explained. 'I hit him in the face - I couldn't help it. I was shaking him, kicking him, scratching his face, pushing and shoving him like I was a lunatic.'

Cheryl's fan will remember that she then decided to book a getaway holiday to Thailand and was joined by her band mates Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts.

The singer admitted that at this time she was 'out of my head on tranquillisers' and added she 'crashed out for two whole days' on their arrival in Thailand.

As everyone knows, Cheryl eventually decided to give her marriage another go but it wasn't long before more women came forward and claimed they had also slept with the Chelsea footballer.

This was the final straw for Cheryl, and although she revealed that deep down she didn't want to end their marriage, the next step was divorce.

The singer was 'smoking 20 cigarettes a day' and drinking to 'try and relax' but she knew that she couldn't stay with Ashley.

'Part of me would always love Ashley, I realised,' Cheryl wrote. 'I had loved him so much that I couldn't imagine a day when I would feel nothing for him.

'The difference now was that I also knew that there was so much water under the bridge that I would drown if I ever went back to him.'

Of course Cheryl is now dating her backing dancer Tre Holloway and is currently on tour with him by her side.


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