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It is the kind of shoe collection that would make even Carrie Bradshaw jealous.

Nearly 100 pairs of designer shoes, with a colour to match any outfit.

But Kim Kardashian donated every single pair to charity, after Kanye West dismissed her huge closet as 'ghetto'.

The rapper went through Kim's huge collection of shoes, and clothes, with a stylist in scenes broadcast on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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'Ghetto' shoes: Kim Kardashian cleared out her closet as Kanye West gave her a style makeover, deciding that his girlfriend's taste wasn't up to scratch

The bed was soon heaped with piles of unwanted designer clothes, many unworn, while pair after pair of shoes were stacked outside Kim's room. Many looked to be brand new, perhaps worn once or twice.

The rails were bare, with the items that remained having tags attached if they were deemed unworthy. Nearly every item was tagged.

Despite Kim herself previously describing herself as a 'stylist' she allowed her new lover to decide which items stayed, and which were rejected.

Clear out: Kim donated most of her clothing to charity after Kanye told her it looked 'ghetto'

Off to Goodwill: Kim's clothes were piled high on the reject pile, many of them unworn

Even a fur lined Louis Vuitton bag, which Kim admitted sheepishly that she was keeping for any future daughter to inherit, was consigned to the reject pile.

'Shouldn't I just keep this for, like, my daughter one day?' she asked West.

Cringingly he failed to appreciate her hints that they might one day have a family, instead remaining pointedly silent.

'Kanye is coming over today with his stylist, and he is giving me a makeover,' Kim had happily announced earlier.

That's better: Kanye shows his seamstress which areas of Kim's body he wants to highlight as he replaces her wardrobe with clothes he has chosen

'You look gorgeous': Kanye compliemts Kim's curves; the reality star has a picture of herself on the wall

And despite her boyfriend taking over her closet, Kim claimed that he had 'inspired me to be a little bit more of an individual'.

One person who wasn't impressed was Kim's sister, Khloe.

She was furious, p[ointing out that she and Kim shared the same taste.

'I feel like half that stuff I have, so are you like saying that I need to get a stylist?' she asked Kim.

And she picked up one shoes saying: 'You know I love this!'

Family heirloom: Kim admitted she was keeping a fur lined Louis Vuitton bag for a 'future daughter', but Kanye was unimpressed

When Kim replied that the shoes had been labelled 'ghetto' by Kanye, Khloe was outraged.

'You gotta have a little ghetto in your life!' she squealed.

But Kim didn't care, in thrall to Kanye.

And he seemed equally impressed, at least with his girlfriend's 'magazine worthy' curves.

''You look amazing,' he whispered, as he nuzzled her in front of the cameras.

Let me keep it! Kim was not 100per cent behind the idea of emptying her closet, but finally gave into Kanye

Kanye didn't leave his girlfriend with nothing to wear, however, bringing with him a whole rail of replacement threads.

'Look how dope this s**t is,' he said, as he perused through Kim's new stack of clothes.

Kim, 31, then tried on a cleavage-baring green dress, with Kanye being very pleased with the results.

'[You're] getting on best dressed lists now,' he raves. 'You're stepping into this territory. You look amazing - it's a new Kim!'

At least the clothes won't be going to waste. Kim tweeted: 'The clothes I got rid of will be up on EBay next month for a charity auction! Going to Life Change Community

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