By Sarah Fitzmaurice and Louise Saunders

..With ratings taking a dip it appears TOWIE bosses have resorted to a new tactic to try and entertain viewers.

Instead of listening to the reality stars inane chatter bosses shut them up yesterday with some tasty battered food.

Rising to the occasion the Essex residents were seen shoveling fish and sausages into their mouths - acting up to the cameras as usual.

That will shut him up: Mario Falcone was seen trying to put a whole battered fish in his mouth as the TOWIE cast enjoyed chip shop food at Southend on Sea

Mario Falcone decided to act the fool attempting to fit a whole battered fish into his mouth.

He wasn't the only one who was feeling greedy Danni Park Dempsey was seen shoveling a whole sausage into her mouth.

Jessica Wright tried to be a little more ladylike as she bit into some of her boyfriend Ricky's fish.

Munch bunch: Jessica Wright and Danni Park Dempsey were seen enjoying the chip shop food

Doggy in the middle: Charlie and Lucy were seen with their prizes from the theme park including a gigantic stuff dog

Lucy Mecklenburgh didn't seem put off by Mario's fishy behaviour, or indeed his breath, after his meal and was seen smothering him with kisses as the group finished off their food.

The boutique owner was seen sat with a stuffed teddy - which her fiancé must have won for her at the theme park.

But her stuffed toy was dwarfed by Charlie King's haul - a gigantic black and white dog almost as big as he is.

Fishy behaviour: Lucy appeared bemused by Mario's antics with the battered fish

Cute couple: Lucy was seen giving Mario a kiss and a cuddle as he lay on her knee

Jessica and Ricky seemed to have put their troubles behind them as they enjoyed a day out at a theme park earlier in the day.

Laughing and joking together, the pair didn't seem to have a care in the world as they rode rollercoasters and water rides at the Adventure Island Theme Park in Southend, Essex.

Butt of the joke: Ricky Rayment appeared to fall out of the rubber dinghy he was sharing with girlfriend Jessica Wright

No more drama: Ricky and Jess appeared to have put their relationship troubles to one side as they enjoyed a private moment at the theme park

But it would seem Ricky, 22, was very much the butt of the joke for the day, with Jess struggling to contain her giggles as he fell out of the rubber dinghy the couple were riding in at one stage.

With his bottom in the air, the hunk couldn't have been further away from his cool, confident and cocksure persona on the show.

Scary: Lucy and Jess both screamed as they rode down a water slide

A helping hand: Charlie King chose to hold on to co-star Danni Park-Dempsey's ample chest for support

TOWIE day out: Chris Drake, Ricky Rayment, Charlie King, Lucy Mecklenburgh, Mario Falcone, Jessica Wright, Bobby Cole Norris and Danni Parks-Dempsey enjoyed a day of fun in the sun together

The couple were joined on their day of fun by co-stars Mario Falcone, Lucy Mecklenburgh, Danni Parks-Dempsey, Chris Drake, Bobby Cole Norris and Charlie King.

Jess seemed to have forgiven Mario for telling Ricky about her flirtatious messages to Tom in Sunday night's episode, and the group seemed to be getting on famously.

Lucy, 21, appeared to be the scaredy cat of the gang, and was screaming and holding on for dear life as she rode down a water slide with fiance Mario.

Hands up: The boys seemed to be larking around as they rode on a rollercoaster

Feeling queasy? Danni and Jess looked a little worse for wear as the ride finished

Meanwhile, Charlie chose to hold on to something very different to the boat's handles by grabbing on to Danni's ample chest as they careered down the slide.

Elsewhere, Bobby seemed to have put his feelings to one side for the day, after recently admitting he was in love with his best pal Charlie.

During last Wednesday's show, he told a bemused Charlie: 'I think I haven't been entirely honest about things over the last few days.

'The time has kind of come. If I could flick a switch and not feel this I so would

'I guess what I'm trying to say is that I think I've kind of fallen quite hard for you and I do love you, Charlie.'

Hanging around: The TOWIE gang seemed to be having a whale of a time at Adventure Island theme park in Southend, Essex

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