By Holly Thomas

At 53, she's double the age of most of her pop competition.

But as she's proven time and again, Madonna refuses to give in to the ravages of years.

The superstar premiered the video for her latest single Turn Up The Radio, and it's clear that she's a long way from resigning herself to a world of slippers and hot cocoa.

Over the course of five minutes and 14 seconds Madonna appears to travel the length and breadth of Italy, picking up a seemingly endless supply of young male admirers on her way.

Defying age: Madonna is miraculously smooth-faced and toned in her new Turn Up The Radio video

Refuses to act her age: Madonna shows off her youthful figure in a pair of black hot pants

She emerges from an Italian hotel wearing black leather hot pants, stilettos, and a leather jacket, her blonde hair in a sixties style and eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses.

Behind her sunglasses Madonna's face appears incredibly smooth and wrinkle-free, and her body somehow remains that of a twenty-something dancer.

The honed star is rushed into a car, where she cowers in the back behind the driver's seat.

Hiding from the crowds: The opening scenes of the video show Madonna escaping a hotel and hiding in the back of a car

Right behind you: Madonna gets rather friendly with her hot young driver

Local attraction: Madonna befriends a dancer she passes in the street and takes him back to her car

As they drive along, Madonna watches out of the window, and is delighted when she spots a dancer performing in the street.

She jumps out of the car and persuades the dancer to join her, and as he does so the roof comes off the convertible.

Madonna sits on top of the back seats dancing, and gradually attracts a crowd of fans who follow her wherever she goes.

Time to relax: The roof comes off the convertible, and Madonna sits casually on the back seat

Quite the tour: Madonna appears to travel the length and breadth of Italy

It has been a tough week for Madonna as is was announced that she was set to be sued by two separate parties.

The singer caused outrage when an image of Marine Le Pen, who heads the far right National Front, with a Swastika across it appeared at the pop singer's sell-out concert in Paris on Saturday.

This led to Florian Philippot, the FN's vice-president, saying the party could not accept 'such an odious comparison'.

Always in the mood to dance: Madonna shows off some moves from the back seat

The Sixties meet Catwoman: Madonna channels a mixture of styles with her hair and outfit

Pledging a formal complaint, Mr Philippot said: 'This is just another provocation in Madonna's world tour so that people will talk about her.

'Marine Le Pen will defend not only her own honour but her supporters and the millions of National Front voters.'

Ms Le Pen, 43, herself threatened prosecution when Madonna performed the same stunt in Israel, saying: 'We understand how old singers who need to get people talking about them go to such extremes.'

Tiring work: Madonna collapses after her exhausting whirlwind tour at the end of the video

Asked if she was likely to sue, Ms Le Pen, 43, said: 'If she does that in France, we'll be waiting'.

It also emerged this week that a record company is reportedly trying to sue the singer for copyright infringement on the single Vogue, which was released 22-years ago.

VMG Salsoul has filed a lawsuit against the 53-year-old megastar, claiming she used samples from Salsoul Orchestra's 1977 dance song Chicago Bus Stop (Ooh, I Love It).

According to TMZ, the company believes Madonna sampled horns and strings from the track – and never paid to do so.

source: dailymail
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