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This unfortunately a rather disastrous group. From left to right, Miss Hong Kong China's gown picked the wrong shade of red which looks rather drab bordering to crimson. The burst of floral add-on failed to impress and the skirt has a so-so appeal. Meanwhile, Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina can be commended for using the right silver-white combination but the off the shoulder ruffles looks like a poodle split into two. Meanwhile, Miss Croatia used the wrong colors, used the wrong design and she had the wrong legs. Exposing them in a two-slit skirt is terrible. Miss Macau's color choice is great. Jade is perhaps the second most popular color in the Chinese culture. However, this gown is really for tall girls and the wide slit is doing a lot of injustice to her.

I don't know if Mongolia got the memo or something but if she is trying to be Mongolian or funny, she didn't get it right. She might be forgiven if the World Best Designer competition was held in Ordos. And what's with the makeup? This is just ridiculous and overall a huge mistake.

Normally, I would say wow to this gown but this is Miss World. If Australia got tons of email for her revealing dress, this magnificent blue is a big faux pas. I just hope Miss World will get over this part and truly appreciate the beauty and figure of Miss Nepal. The intricate beading and feathers reminds us all of the great beauty of a peacock. Final verdict: One must love this gown - and the girl!

I'm not so sure if the chocolate brown color is appropriate for evening functions because they usually dissolve into oblivion. Panama's white gown is okay but combining a soft color to metallic add ons does not really turn me on. Wales is just splendid. The red sprinkled with silver enhances her figure and she really carried this dress well. Mexico is so-so. Just imagine if her dress is red or jade, she could have aced it. It's just the wrong color choice. Peru is elegant and she carried this red gown nicely. I love her swan like neck and having a strapless gown simply highlights it.

I would like to talk the two gowns that stand out in this group of Asians. First is Indonesia's. I love the fuchsia color. It is just attention grabbing. I am not too sure though whether the busy gown is something that most people would appreciate but I would like to think that the intricacies of the add-ons could be a plus. Philippines' red gown is very regal. She did carry it well and a huge kudos to the designer for such a beautiful design. I noticed that she did not put her hands on her hips like most of the contestants does which is good because it gave emphasis to her body shape.

I'm not really a fan of whites at beauty pageants especially those that are heavily laden with appliqués. Iceland's gown for me is just as cold as ice.

This is the batch of great creations. Not really head turners but I think that most of the gowns deserves an appreciation. Miss Guatemala looks elegant, very much Jacky O. And the hairdo matches well with tangerine gown. What I like most about her gown are the creative folds and pleats. Fiji's gown is simplistic in design but the combination of rose and black tones with interesting patterns on the fabric is commendable. Miss Guam's green dress failed her. I mean the gown itself is wonderful, well except for the cape, but the big trouble is Guam appeared shapeless on this wardrobe. Unlike Miss El Salvador's which hugged her body form well. I also like the design which is kind of lacy and then it is given a fiery treatment at the bottom part. She also appeared pretty much comfortable wearing the gown!

I am not sure if I will fall in love with the royal blue gown of Miss France. The color does not much her skin tone. The intricate add ons on her neck and thigh is a distraction. I though the French knew better about fashion.

This is some kind of a revelation for most of these candidates. Russia is definitely fading in my list. She chose to wear some mediocre gown in here and no wonder she is not in the list of Top Model semifinalists. Poland's ash grey gown is just a wrong choice. Miss Netherlands orange gown is okay-ish. I kind of expect more and look how she compensates her height with her hairdo. Miss Ukraine is lovely but I don't expect to use turquoise feathers atop a charcoal black skirt and get a head turning result. Nice design bad color matching

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