By Amelia Proud

We were presented with the usual mundanely eventful chapter in the lives of the venerable Kardashians tonight, but one that ended with a bona fide cliffhanger for a change.

There seemed to be no phony set up nor stagey cheekbones thrust towards the camera as Kris and Bruce Jenner's marriage hurtled towards a little town named Big Trouble.

There may be trouble ahead: Kris decides to meet up with former lover Todd Waterman after Bruce finds a sexy golfing buddy

Unlike most Kardashian events, the drama seemed to unfurl with a whimper rather than a bang as 21 years of married bliss became boredom amidst miscommunication.

But it was Kris, 56 , who placed her finger on the detonation button by meeting up with ex-lover Todd Waterman, the man who broke up her first marriage to Robert Kardashian Senior.

Long suffering Bruce, 62 , for his part, had been enjoying winding his wife up about his golfing sessions with red-headed supermodel Angie Everhart, 42.

Kris had pushed him there, of course, by inviting her friend Lance Bass from NSync to dinner.

But after running into gorgeous Angie, who Kim described as looking like the titular character Ariel from Disney's Little Mermaid, he was soon setting up a golf date.

New friend: Bruce enjoyed golfing with Angie, almost as much as he liked winding Kris up about it

Super-sleuths: Kim and her mother took to the golf course to see what the chemistry between Bruce and Angie

Her evil plan: Kim is pleased with her plotting and seems amused by her paranoid mother

When he returned from the course, Bruce told a clearly rattled Kris that Angie is a 'great golfer' and adds that 'she got me on the last hole.'

Livid Kris snapped that she doesn't know what that means then asked for her dry cleaning, which Bruce realised he forgot.

As he ran out of the door to get it, a furious Kris yells: 'You f****** forgot my dry cleaning, thanks for thinking of me today.'

Meanwhile, Rob is moving back into Khloe and Lamar's home after deciding he can't buy the home he wants at the moment.

He immediately annoys Khloe by filling her garage with his belongings after insisting he would only bring clothes to the home she shares with husband Lamar Odom.

'That's not playing golf!' Kris is livid when she spots Bruce put his arm around Angie

'Why haven't you got a girlfriend?' Todd whispers his answer to Kris and she she shrieks 'you wouldn't wait 23 years for someone?'

Lamar is keen to have Rob back at the 'crib but notes: 'Sometimes Rob can be a little disrespectful without even knowing it.'

Meanwhile, Kim has been summoned to see her mother, who announces that 'Bruce has a major mad crush on Angie Everhart.'

Kris tells her daughter that her husband's golf partner is hot and that it's 'really starting to bug her.'

It appears she wants to enlist her daughter to do some sleuthing and Kim is keen but tells her mother that she must: 'Buy some lingerie, do what you got to do.'

Kim then remarks to camera: 'I don't think Bruce would cheat on my mom is so crazy she's probably not giving it up so we need to do something.'

Gleeful: Bruce beams as he tells Kris about his afternoon with Angie

'Where is my dry-cleaning?' Kris is riled and gets even more angry when she realises Bruce has forgotten her clothes

Thus Operation Angie Everhart is born, and the mother and daughter spy team hurtle around Calabasas Country Club trying to catch a glimpse of Bruce and Angie.

When they find them, Kris is devastated that Bruce looks so happy with Angie and loses it when she sees him slip an arm around the younger woman.

When Kris says: 'He never looks that happy with me,' Kim offers the comforting words: 'It's because you're so boring and you've been married for 21 years.'

Then Kris exclaims: 'Mother*****, that's not playing golf!'

The action cuts to a charity fundraiser where Kris says tells her friends she will meet Todd Waterman if Bruce is going to foster this friendship.

Weighing it up: Khloe has to decide if letting Rob live with her and Lamar is a good thing

Putting his feet up: Khloe doesn't want to enable Rob by mollycoddling him

She tells her friends: 'You don't know whether to hang on anymore, maybe there is another chapter for me.'

They gasp and attempt to clarify: 'Without Bruce?' and she replies with a resounding 'yes.'

Kris meets Todd as Bruce blithely plays golf.

Both Kris and Todd blame the other for seeking them out but when he whispers in her ear that he's been waiting for her for 23 years, her emotions seem to race out of control.

Could this be the end for Kris and Bruce? This is to be continued.

Hope Rob's tidied up: Khloe and Lamar smiled as they jetted into LAX tonight

source: dailymail
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