By Holly Thomas

Unfortunate question: Maria Fowler incurred the irritation of Jamal Edwards wehn she asked Twitter why Muhammad Ali couldn't stand during the Olympics Opening Ceremony

There are sometimes occasions when it is safer to Google something before posing a question on Twitter.

And Maria Fowler found herself caught out rather when she posted an innocent question last night.

During the Olympics opening ceremony, the 25-year-old tweeted: 'Ahhh wish I was there so bad. Muhammad Ali. No disrespect though but why can't he stand now?'

Took to Twitter: Maria might have been wise to Google before asking her followers

She was immediately met with incredulity from SB.TV founder Jamal Edwards, who tweeted: 'You are so DUMB!'

He said: 'If I don't know a question I would go on the net first to find out especially what I'm talking about. Not go to Twitter & ask. @mariafowler'

Jamal then tweeted a picture of the TOWIE star on a ride during a recent trip to Alton Towers, writing: 'Oi you pig!'

No patience: SB.TV founder Jamal Edwards called Maria 'dumb' after he read her question

Had a rant: Jamal was clearly not impressed by Maria's ignorance, and didn't hold back with his comments

Maria added: I did google and couldn't know why. Parkinson's is so sad. I lost my grandad to Parkinson's. Ali is a legend x

She then retaliated, tweeting Jamal: 'had to google u too but not much came up. Goat'

He retweeted her post- which she has since deleted, writing: 'I put in work! What do you do? Your famous for no reason S***!'

Responded: Maria tried to backtrack a little after Jamal's persistent criticism

Unkind: Jamal tweeted Maria this snap of her from a recent trip to Alton Tow

'How could you not know why? I can't stand @mariafowler after them foolish comments there. No respect.

Maria then wrote to him: 'hahaha exactly. Sit on my arse and richer than u probs #LikeISaidYouAreAGoat #INTERNETTROLL '

She has since deleted that tweet as well, however she took to her page to send a message to her followers after the spat.

Took a stand: Maria said that she was going to do something about internet 'bullies'

Maria said: 'Right I am seriously going to see what can be done about Internet bullies. It's pathetic how people can be filled with such hate.'

'Actually sickens me the vile comments that get written on here. I actually would back any campaign to combat this. I am disgusted,' she continued.

Return to the Olympic stage: Boxing legend Muhammad Ali is helped during the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games

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