It was the news that was bound to upset their generation of Twilight fans.

And now the full effects of Kristen Stewart cheating on boyfriend and co-star Robert Pattinson are surfacing.

Twitter users have been discussing the affair in droves and are fuming the actress enjoyed a fling with her Snow White and the Hunstman director Rupert Sanders behind Pattinson's back.

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Hysterical: Twilight mega fan Emma Clark bursts into tears as she posts ranting video on YouTube slating Kristen Stewart for cheating on Robert Pattinson

And now one overzealous devotee has taken to YouTube to share a four-minute clip slating Kristen for breaking the actor's heart.

Brit Emma Clark, who labels herself NuttyMadam on her YouTube profile as well as her Twitter page, recorded the clip as she ranted and cried while aiming her words at Kristen.

She spirals into hysterics as she breaks down in tears reading out Stewart's statement admitting the tryst.

Emma rants: 'I don't understand how she can do this... why would you cheat on Robert Pattinson with friggin Rupert, whatever his name is?

'I'm so not okay with this.'
She then added through streams of tears: 'I'm so in shock she's posted that statement. If you loved him that much you wouldn't have done it.'

Clark then screams at the camera slating Kristen for getting caught by a photographer during one of their clinches.

And she has written on her Twitter page: 'CongratuF**KINGlations Rupert Sanders. You just p**sed off a million people cause you just couldn't keep it in your pants...
'Going to sleep now. Thanks for an interesting day and Kristen...You HUSSY.'

The video, which lasts just over four minutes 20 seconds, looks set to go viral, with hundreds of thousands of views already being logged since she posted it up online last night.

It mirrors the video of a Britney Spears fan urging people to leave the pop star alone in 2007, which has now garnered 44 million views to date.

Rant: Emma Clark, dubbed Nutty Madam, fumed at Kristen in the four-minute clip for her affair with her married Snow White director Rupert Sanders

Breaking down: The Twilight devotee looks set to go viral with the video, which she posted hours after Kristen released her apology statement

Overzealous: Emma is just one of many fans taking to social networking sites in shock at the revelations that have come to light this week

The extreme reaction comes as photos have emerged of Kristen Stewart spotted out for the first time sine releasing the statement.

The 22-year-old was seen walking around Los Angeles with a tear in her eye as she starts to face the wrath and backlash of her actions.

It came just hours after she released a statement apologising to Robert, saying: ''I'm deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I've caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected.

Facing the wrath: Photos have now emerged of Kristen and Rupert looking cosy on a dinner date in Berlin in May

'This momentary indiscretion has jeopardised the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I'm so sorry.'

There was no response, at least publicly, from Robert.

And while she mentioned Robert in her public apology, it was noted she missed Liberty out of her statement, despite affecting her marriage as a result of her actions.

As they were: Fans have now been left in uproar as news of the affair unfolds

But according to RadarOnline, the actress is intending to write a private letter to the British catwalk star to attempt to make amends, as she didn't feel it was right to speak in public to her.

VIDEO: Watch the youTube rant!... WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE!

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