By Fehintola Betiku and Daily Mail Reporter

Famed for identifying herself as the world's first supermodel Janice Dickinson is keen to stay in immaculate shape.

Which does make sense especially as she continues to show off her body in outfits which are not exactly age appropriate.

Take for instance yesterday when the 57-year-old was pictured as she tried out some yoga moves and put her flexibility to the test in Malibu while wearing a pair of short shorts.

Still showing off: Janice Dickinson was pictured yesterday as she tried out some yoga moves in Malibu wearing a pair of denim shorts

Making the most of Independence Day the reality TV star was seen doing moves such as the downard facing dog and the dolphin pose.

Showing off her toned pins in the denim shorts she covered up the top half of her body with a grey T-shirt and she appeared to be wearing a bikini underneath her top.

Janice's random beach session seemed to catch the attention of a man who was seated on the porch with her as he occasionally peered over at the mother-of-two.

Let's get physical: Janice was seen doing the downward facing dog pose

Not exactly work out gear: The model was a little over exposed as she put her head between her legs

At one point the former model appeared to wear herself out and she was seen tucking her hair back behind her ears as she sat with one leg crossed over the other.

Content with her work out session, Janice then took to the water to play a game of fetch with her pet bulldog Lloyd.

Feeling the burn: The 57-year-old appeared to feel the strain as she released her legs from her chest

Done for the day: Janice appeared to wear herself out and soon got up to play with her dog Lloyd

Yesterday it also seemed as though the bond between Dickinson and her pet bulldog Lloyd had become stronger than ever.

Crouching down to her beloved canine, Janice puckered her famous supermodel lips for the display of affection, and in return, Lloyd gave her a sloppy lick.

Beach stroll: Janice took Lloyd to the beach after having lunch at a friend's house

Go fetch: Janice threw a ball out to sea for Lloyd to fetch

Janice purchased her pet bulldog in 2010 after instantly falling for the white and beige pup.

At a Sherman Oaks pet store, Janice had spent quite some time in the store checking out the various different pets but her heart was taken by the little bulldog.

Puppy love: Janice Dickinson puckered up to her beloved pet bulldog Lloyd as they went for a stroll in Malibu

Best of friends: Janice fell for her pooch back in 2010 when she purchased him from a Sherman Oaks pet store when he was just a puppy

Parading her pins: During the outing Janice paraded her famous toned pins in a pair of denim hot pants

Meanwhile, the former America's Next Top Model judge recently hit the headlines for falling behind with her rent.

The stressful experience left her with panic attacks, with the three-times married star saying: 'Yes, I was late with my rent and I was really upset... I'm not being evicted... I was having a little banter about some plumbing issues and the heating... It is now fixed... My rent's been fixed.'

Talking to The Insider, she explained her two children Nathan, 25, and Savannah, 18, became upset over reading about her alleged eviction.

She added: 'I wish I wasn't famous. I wish I would go along anonymously.

Strike a pose: It seems Janice was in the mood for striking a pose as she gave the camera some love'

Plans to go back into the water? It appeared that the mother-of-two had some aquatic activities planned for the day, as a bikini was seen peeking from behind her top

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