By Nadia Mendoza

She tried to tap into her cheerleader sex appeal by cavorting around onstage tonight.

But Jessie J attacked Hannah Berney's efforts - saying it should have been about the vocals.

The Price Tag star said there was 'too much going on' as the 21-year-old sang Ella Fitzgerald classic Cry Me A River, surrounded by groping male dancers who were seen clawing at her from behind.

Too much? Jessie J told Hannah Berney that the backing dancers detracted from the performance

The Chepstow-born beauty, currently studying at Exeter University, was one of the only acts to introduce dancers as she performed a mash-up of jazz versus contemporary pop-rock.

Mentor Danny O'Donoghue gushed: 'You tipped your hat to the old and back to the new. My heart is pounding. I'm so proud!'

But Jessie wasn't so impressed with the gyrating hips and aversion from her raw talents.

She said: 'You could have come out in jeans and a T-shirt and I would have watched you more than you did. I'm sorry, but I'm on The Voice! Your voice flawless, but there's too much going on.

Mash-up: Hannah switched from jazz to pop-rock with her rendition of Cry Me A River

Patriotic: Tom Jones showed favouritism as Hannah is Welsh

Jessie stressed it was a 'compliment' that she wanted to hear more of Hannah, bemoaning the fact her 'shoes were up in yourself' - implying her dance moves were provocative as she raised her legs.

The Brit-winner added: 'It's a personal opinion. Progression isn't dancers. This is The Voice, it's about vocals. I'm here to be a coach and have my opinion. I'm entitled. It's a free world.' praised Hannah, saying: 'I thought that was brave to go from jazz to pop-rock.

'The only thing in the switch-up was that you didn't seem confident, so when you went into the Justin Timberlake part, it took a while to get in it and then you got into it in the chorus, but it was dope.'

Predictably, Tom Jones waved the patriotic flag, adding: 'I think you're beautiful and you're Welsh. I was so mesmerised by watching you, that I wasn't even aware they (the male dancers) were there!'

Gaining confidence: Toni Warne sang an incredible cover of Proud Mary by Tina Turner

Heart and soul: Danny said Toni's performances are emotional as her feelings are 'just beneath the surface'

One person that didn't divide opinion, was the incredible Toni Warne.

The 34-year-old was the first to take centre stage, with an electric performance of Tina Turner's Proud Mary.

The shy girl who viewers met in week one had been dramatically replaced with a fiery vixen in black lace and the voice of a diva.

Despite losing all of her confidence when she was diagnosed with alopecia at 21,Toni said she the show is helping her to come out of her shell.

Will beamed 'it was out of this world', while Danny credited her with the emotion 'just beneath the surface' and advised her to approach a lyrical song next time, suggesting Annie Lennox hit Why.

Raw emotion: Tom Jones said Max Milner 'injected soul' into Tom Petty song Free Fallin'

Thrilled: Max couldn't hide his delight when said he could envisage himself going to one of his shows

Armed with his guitar, Max Milner also wowed the panel by stripping away the cocky attitude that saw him triumph in the battle rounds, with a delicate acoustic performance of Tom Petty's Free Fallin'.

Afterwards he gushed: 'That was the best thing I've ever done musically.'

Danny said: 'I really don't have any words. You did everything I said for you to do. Perfect! You're guitar string went a little out of tune, but it was pure, pure magic.'

Black Eyed Peas star Will gave him the greatest compliment of all, saying he could imagine going to one of his concerts, while Jessie said it made her feel like she was in a film.

Underdog Ruth-Ann St. Luce did her best to prove she deserves a place in the competition with taking on Promise This by Cheryl Cole - but Will criticised her for being 'pitchy'.

Telling it how it is: Ruth-Ann St. Luce looked concerned when said her performance was 'pitchy'

Defensive! Jessie J said artists don't become stars overnight and she can help Ruth-Ann learn her craft

However, mentor Jessie defended her little protégé: 'That wasn't perfect, that's the whole point of me being here! You don't become a star overnight, you learn your craft.'

Vince Kidd showed off his vocal gymnastics by stepping into the shoes of Elvis for You Are Always On My Mind, with Jessie praising him for 'producing it himself' and 'taking a risk'.

Tom said: 'I knew Elvis and saw him sing it live. It wasn't his song, but when Elvis put his stamp on it, that's what people remembered. He made it his own and that's exactly what you have done.'

Once again, emotional The Script frontman Danny looked rather emotional, saying: 'I completely forgot about Elvis' version and was lost in you... without a shadow of a doubt you're going through.'

Creative: Jessie J credited Vince Kidd with producing his entire rendition of Elvis hit You Are Always On My Mind

One to beat? Danny told Vince he was sure he would be going through to the next round

Aleks Josh, 17, looks like he might just be the eye candy for teenage girls across the nation as he stepped back in time with 1930's track Dream A Little Dream For Me.

Even Jessie couldn't resist a cheeky compliment, quipping: 'You look mighty fly!'

Danny said: 'You remind me of the young rat-pack, like Jamie Cullum. Michael Bublé sold a lot of records and he wasn't this good at this age.'

Cassius Henry sang Coldplay track Paradise, with Jessie gushing: 'I know you appreciate me as much as I appreciate you and there's a mutual respect.'

Yet Danny brought up the ubiquitous 'pitchy' comment, but said he enjoyed the choice of song.

Teenage crush: Aleks Josh told Reggie Yates that he thought his bass player was 'fit'

Eye candy: Even Jessie J thought Aleks scrubbed up well, saying he looked 'fly'

Surprise of the night came in the guise of David Julien, who looked lost for words after singing Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap.

Danny said: 'You took a song you hadn't even heard a week and a half ago and sang it like you wrote it.'

But the best was saved for last with the two of the girls threatening to be very strong contenders.

Love her or hate her, Becky Hill looked feisty and competitive singing Basement Jaxx hit Good Luck.

Dark horses: David Julien and Cassius Henry will have to fight for their place as their teenage rivals are popular

Teenage kicks: Becky Hill belted out Basement Jaxx hit Good Luck, as Danny complimented her 'smokey tones'

The 18-year-old bounced around the stage, with Jessie telling her: 'You've got so much energy and you've learnt to pocket that and put it into your performance. I enjoyed that. I was dancing around.'

Tome told her he loves her 'spirit', adding: 'You're a modern version of Janis Joplin.'

Final act of the night Bo Bruce could be a dark horse as her performance of Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush was simply breathtaking.

Her mentor Danny said: 'That's why I came on the show, someone who is willing to bare their soul for the whole world. You made me proud, your mum proud and the whole of the UK proud.'

Jessie added: 'I was ready to stand-up before you even finished your song.'

The Voice results show airs on Sunday at 7.15pm on BBC One.

Emotional: Bo Bruce wept in rehearsals as she related to her song Running Up The Hill by Kate Bush so much

Overwhelmed: Jessie told Bo she was giving her a standing ovation before the performance had even finished

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