By Kirsty Mccormack and Andrea Magrath

Moving on: Maria Fowler was pictured on yet another night out in Liverpool last night, just hours after her second racism scandal

Maria Fowler isn't letting the storm of controversy surrounding her recent racism scandal get her down.

Just hours after releasing a lengthy statement on Twitter defending her use of the term 'half-breed', the former TOWIE star set off on another night out in Liverpool.

It was her comments during her raucous evening out the previous day that led to scandal - her second in a week.

Maria tweeted that she had decided to stay up north with her friend, glamour model Gemma Massey, for a second night.

The reality star wore a short red dress with a peplum skirt, while her friend wore a sheer sequinned black dress.

The pair went to Playground nightclub, where they proceeded to get equally as merry as the previous evening's efforts.

Time to play: The reality star and her friend, glamour model Gemma Massey, went to Playground nightclub

Maria tweeted: 'Woooow in playground 2nd night in a row. #TooMuchVodka. Ha best bank holiday. Lovin it in Liverpool.'

Miss Fowler ran into Abbey Crouch and her cousin and Desperate Scousewives star Chloe Cummings inside the club, and tweeted a picture saying she'd met her 'girl crush', Abbey.

The reality star appeared keen to put the past few days' drama behind her, after getting herself into hot water twice for allegedly racist comments.

'Met my girl crush!': Maria tweeted a picture of herself with Abbey Crouch

In a statement released via her Twitter page yesterday, Maria admitted that she used the term 'half-breed' when referring to past boyfriends during her night out the previous evening.

'Last night I was overheard discussing the fact I was branded a racist by Marcus Collins,' she wrote.

'In reaction to the allegations I mentioned that I am not a racist person and I went with a mixed race boy the other week.

'Now stupidly I used the term "half breed" which means someone who is a mix of ethnicities, I then laughed at the stupidity of the situation.'

'Best bank holiday ever!' The former TOWIE star was out on the prowl in Liverpool the night before as well

The blonde star then went on to explain that she wasn't aware the term was offensive, which will no doubt anger Marcus and other members of the public further.

'What I did not realise (and now fully regret) is that the term "half breed" is seen by some, as derogatory it is a word that has openly been used by my peers through my life,' she wrote.

'In the dictionary, the term "half breed" means "the offspring of parents of dual racial origin" and the term racist is used for someone with hate towards people of different ethnicity to themself, which i find sickening and ignorant.'

However, Maria's apology didn't end there as she then went on tor reference to past relationships to further try and prove that she is in no way racist.

'Not racist': Maria Fowler has apologised for using the word 'half-breed', which came following an argument with Marcus Collins on Thursday evening

'I have never been a racist and to suggest so is deeply hurtful and sickening. it's a difficult world where the slightest comment and people jump and a bandwagon so quick to brand you racist.

'And it's a shame. I have not a racist bone in my body. I have had serious relationships with both a mixed English/Jamaican, and also mixed
Pakistani/Portuguese these are not the actions of a person with hate towards other races.

'I sincerely apologise if I have upset anyone with my terminology. This is a mistake I will definately learn from. I am not perfect and we all make our mistakes. But once again I am not a racist and deeply sorry for any offence that may have been caused.'

Maria's statement may come as a shock to her fans after she was so adamant earlier this week that she wasn't racist following her spat with Marcus.

The former TOWIE star told MailOnline that there was no truth to claims that she had called Marcus a 'queer ****'.'

Maria's vehement denial of the suggestions followed the pair's very public argument as they both attended the launch of Desperate Scousewives' Amanda Harrington, and Gill and Debbie O'Toole's online store in Liverpool.

According to the pair's Twitter accusations, the trouble began when Maria approached Marcus to have a photo with him. Maria then told her 343,223 followers on her Twitter page that the X Factor star had spat on her.

Maria tweeted the claim after Marcus alleged on his Twitter that the reality star had called him a 'f****** queer c***", with the singer later adding, 'not standing for homophobic abuse by anyone it's unnessasry and I never spat in anyone's hair.'

He added: 'Some people should be ashamed of themselves #homophobia will NOT BE TOLERATED @MariaFowler #Ignorant.'

A spokesperson for Maria insisted to MailOnline last week that Maria is 'not homophobic in the slightest'.

War of words: Maria began tweeting about the incident on Thursday night and claimed that Marcus spat on her

The spokesperson added: 'Maria was at the event in Liverpool with four gay friends. It is highly unlikely that someone stood with four gay men is going to call someone "queer". Queer is not even a word Maria uses.'

Maria also took to her Twitter page to further deny the claims, writing: 'Disgusting being branded homophobic absolutely vile thing to say.'

It all began when Maria called Marcus 'big time' after the pair posed up for a photo together, writing on her Twitter page: 'Drink down my dress. Marcus Collins who said he felt like he was workin when I asked for a pic #Bigtime'.

'Not be tolerated': Marcus replied to the tweets and claimed that Maria was homophobic

She then wrote: 'Ooh Marcus asked why I called him bigtime (because he is) I said coz u were rude so he called me fake n spat in my hair #ouch #big time.'

After Maria had posted the problematic picture, Marcus retweeted it and made a sly dig at Miss Fowler's appearance.

He said: 'Does anyone know who this girl is? Whoever she is she is very Very rude and needs to calm down #whythelongface'.

The pair then continued to hit out at each other via the internet while standing in the same room for the entire virtual altercation.

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