By Andrea Magrath

Transformation: Martine McCutcheon has dropped two dress sizes in the lead up to her summer wedding, after reportedly purchasing a size 10 wedding dress

Plenty of brides go into slim-down mode ahead of their big day, and Martine McCutcheon is no different.

The actress, 35, has managed to go from a size 16 to a size 12 in five months in the lead up to her summer wedding.

Miss McCutcheon is reported to have purchased a size ten wedding dress as a motivation to lose a further few pounds.

Shedding for the wedding: Martine McCutcheon is determined to reach her goal in time for her big day

A svelte-looking Martine was pictured shopping in London last week in skintight trousers.

Her appearance was in stark contrast to her voluptuous curves on the red carpet at the Spectacle Wearer of the Year Awards in November, when she was a size 16.

At her smallest in 2005, Martine got down to a size eight with the release of her workout DVD. But the Love, Actually star admits that being overly slim doesn't suit her, and a size 10 is her ideal shape.

According to Closer magazine, the actress told friends: 'I'm more mature now, so it's not about faddy diets, it's about long-term health and steady weight loss. The word 'diet' makes me panic - I give in on day three!'

Last year, down-to-earth Martine said she was realistic about her body shape. I don’t want to fly the flag for being unhealthy and overweight, but I don’t want to fly the flag for being too thin either,’ she said.

‘I’ve never pretended to be a supermodel. I am what I am. I’m attractive, I make the most of myself and I’m real.’

Musician McManus, 28, proposed to the actress last December after four years of dating.

'With Jack, I feel completely loved,' Martine told Hello! magazine earlier this month.

'In other relationships I've had to apologise for elements of who I am - "Sorry about the press," or, "Sorry it's not glamorous 24/7."

'With Jack, there's no need for me to apologise or compromise.'

I am complete: The Love Actually star says she feels 'complete' with fiancé Jack McManus

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