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Confused much? Gemma Collins told Sam and Billie Faiers that she doesn't understand why Charlie hasn't slept with her yet

After dating each other for six weeks Gemma and Charlie are both a little confused as to why they haven't got a strong physical relationship.

On tonight's episode of The Only Way Is Essex, the couple turned to their friends for advice and support.

Gemma met up with Faiers sisters Sam and Billie and confessed she was really confused by her new man.

Straight talking: Gemma, who is known for speaking her mind, told the girls she may leave Charlie if things don't change

She said to them: 'OMFG you're not gonna believe it. This is how Charlie interprets me,' as she showed them a picture he drew of her.

She continued: 'I said to him after he painted me what do I do now? Do I sleep over or what?

'The next morning I woke up early to go to work and he was lying there with his thing sticking into my back.

'I can confirm he can get a b****. But I didn't know whether to scream or what.'

The lack of love: Charlie, left, has been dating Gemma for six weeks but told Mario, right, he didn't want to rush things

Boys talk: Charlie sought advice from Ricky, little Chris and Mario about his current situation

A sexually frustrated Gemma then confessed that the relationship might end soon if things don't change.

She said: 'If we don't consume this relationship then I'll have to consume this with someone else.'

Meanwhile, Charlie confided in Mario and Ricky over a game of pool and said: 'I don't know its just not happening at the moment so I wanted to do something that is gonna make it more natural.

'I actually think that we don't have to put the pressure on it and you know what's the right hand for?'

Fight night: Gemma and Charlie spoke about their issues before heading to Sugar Hut nightclub

Wake up call: Gemma said that the relationship might end soon if things don't change

The couple then eventually spoke about the issue face to face ahead of going to Joey Essex's Reem party.

Gemma kicked things off and said: 'You know what everyone in Essex is like, they put it about.'

Charlie defended his lack of action and said: 'I'm not like everyone else, I'm going to stick to my roots with that, lets just have some fun, you need to be patient with me.'

He also claimed that his friends had agreed with him.

Main attraction: Joey Essex made a gran entrance to his Reem party in a Tuk Tuk filled with bikini-clad girls

He added: 'I was talking to the boys about it and you don't have to have sex at any given time of the relationship.'

Gemma wasn't happy though and retorted: 'I'll be patient with you but its random behaviour, it's bizarre to me, a man wants to touch you, feel you, slap your arse.
I've not had sex for a whole year.'

She added: 'Sex makes you a couple. I've not seen it yet, you might have something wrong with it.

'I woke up and you had a b**** poking me in the back but you need to poke it in my front.'

Laughing stock: Charlie didn't help the situation by dancing extremely badly at the party

Jump around: While Charlie did some major fist pumping, the rest of his cast-mates were watching and laughing

However, the struggling couple went from bad to worse after they arrived at Sugar Hut nightclub and Charlie showed off his dance moves.

The pint sized man left Gemma red faced and had his cast-mates in stitches as he span, gyrated, and skipped on the dance-floor.

Gemma watched on gobsmacked and said to Ricky: 'That's f****** embarrassing. He's actually prancing around.

Not amused: Ricky found the dance routine hilarious but Gemma was left feeling embarrassed

Smooth moves: Joey Essex, Jessica Wright and James Argent all found Charlie's dancing hilarious

'That's stressing me out. At the end of the day that's taking it a bit far.'

Gemma wasn't the only person at the party that was having a bad time with the opposite as little Chris was shot down by Frankie Essex.

The diminutive Chris had earlier told Mario how he liked the much taller Frankie, and he took his chance to ask her out on a date at the party.

Dancing queens: Charlie and Bobby hit the floor and show the rest of the cast how to party like rock stars

Learning a lesson: Mario Falcone encouraged Little Chris to make a move on Frankie Essex

After approaching her for the first time when she was talking to her brother Joey, Chris returned almost instantly to try his luck.

He said to her: 'Do you fancy doing something random sometime just so I can get to know you better?

'We could go Strawberry picking or go feed the ducks or something like that.'

Party crasher: Little Chris interrupts a conversation between Frankie and her brother Joey but eventually gets to talk to her

A clearly confused Frankie didn't understand exactly what he was suggesting at first but soon turned him down when she realised he wanted a date.

She said: 'Strawberry picking or go feed the ducks? What you mean like on a date?
'To be fair at the moment not really. Sorry Chris.'

With his pride tarnished a defeated Chris walked back over to Mario and confessed: 'I wanna go jump off a bridge.'

Shot down: Chris's face dropped when Frankie turned down his proposal to go strawberry picking

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