By J J Anisiobi

The crying game: Denise Welch got told by Big Brother that her actions were unacceptable last night

The morning after the night before and the housemates were all dreading having to see each other.

After last night's fight the celebrities were all keeping quiet and low profiles and Denise Welch was called to the diary room.

The Loose Woman talked over last night’s events with Big Brother and said that she was just 'larking about.'

She said: 'I did what I would do with my friends at a jokey party. I apologised and then Nicola muscled in.'

A teary Denise then broke down and started to cry and said: 'I’m just dreading this day and I don’t know what to do about it.'

Big Brother firmly told her that her behaviour was 'unacceptable' and that they believe Denise understands that she behaved inappropriately.

Bad girl: The Loose Woman broke down in tears in the diary room after Big Brother told her that she upset her housemate

Later in the day Frankie Cocozza went into the diary room and vented to Big Brother that he never wanted to speak to the twins, Karissa and Kristina Shannon, ever again.

He said: 'I’m not going to talk to the twins at all. 'I don’t like holding grudges but no chance do I want to talk to those girls again.'

Denise and Nicola try to break the ice after having not spoken all day and Nicola starts the conversation by telling her what she thinks of her.

Showdown: Denise and Nicola McLean attempt to patch things up but Nicola starts to get upset

She told Denise that she offended her last night and Denise admitted that she was the 'catalyst' that sparked the arguments last night.

They began to talk about yesterdays spelling bee task again when Denise said: 'I didn’t like you calling me a liar. I feel you’ve changed towards me since you’ve been with the girls.'

Nicola tried to speak up but got upset and ran to the bathroom crying but said: 'I’m really sorry if I’ve ever offended you.'

Failed attempt: Denise is left speechless as Nicola runs away crying after they started talking for the first time

A couple of hours later Denise attempted again to speak to Nicola and tried to rectify the situation in the garden.

She said: 'I just want to apologise if what I said upset you and for the way I said it. I still have feelings about certain things but one of the things I have looked forward to is you and I seeing each other on the outside world.

'I know we weren’t drunk-drunk but I was the catalyst and if Natalie had been here I probably would have pulled her pants down and she’d have pulled them down further and I picked the wrong person.'

Take two: The women try for a second time in the garden to resolve their differences

Friends forever: After Denise gave a grovelling apology to Nicola the two celebrities decided to end their feud

She continued: 'It was stupid larking about and I would like to put it behind us if we can because I am so fond of you.

Nicola got teary eyed and said: 'I knew why you pulled Karissa’s trousers down, had you have done it to me I would have reacted differently.

'I feel like you haven't realised how much I know your personality in here. I really appreciate you apologising because I’m really upset. I admire you.'

The two women hugged it out and things seemed to be getting back to normal in the house.

Water under the bridge: Nicola and Denise have made up but how long will their fragile friendship last in the house?

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