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She won't be there for you, when the rain starts to fall: Jennifer Aniston lets rip at Chelsea Handler on After Lately

Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler have been effusive in their proclamations of love for one another, in fact the Horrible Bosses star has declared: 'I am madly in love with Chelsea Handler.'

But what appears to be roses and champagne on the surface hides murkier depths, if a segment filmed for 36-year-old Chelsea's After Lately show is anything to go by.

In it, the razor-tongued blonde proudly introduces her A-list friend to her E! writing team and tells them that the former Friends star was tickled by a sketch they're working on.

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But when Chelsea has to take a call, Aniston asks the team: 'Do you think that's funny? That is so not funny.'

The Chelsea Lately writers agree that the humour is off but defend their star by telling her friend that she's been very busy.

Then Jennifer really hits her stride, by asking sarcastically: '[Is she busy] gossiping about more successful people that are better-looking than her? Putting her name on another dumb book to make the world an even dumber place?'

Unloading: Jennifer dished the dirt, quite literally, on her chum after she left the room

Good sport: Aniston hams it up for After Lately in honour of her good friend Chelsea, to hilarious effect

Then she sardonically drawled: 'Hi, I'm Chelsea. I really think that everything I say is funny.' You know what I mean? It's a shock that she really still has her own show.'

Before asking: 'That little guy...?' To which the team chime together: 'Chewy,' referencing Handler's sidekick and comedy foil on the show.

But Aniston lampoons Joan Rivers's recent condemnation of Chelsea, by saying: 'No, the little one that she slept with to get the gig? He doesn't even work for the network anymore.'

Whipping up a storm: Aniston says she is amazed her friend has a career, and says she slept her way to the job

Giving their full attention: The Chelsea team listen to Aniston's rant after their boss leaves the room

Aniston went on to claim that Handler is not the cleanest person, adding: 'And then her hygiene... have you noticed this? Honestly, when we were in Cabo, she never showered! She would be like, 'What? I went in the pool'. It's gross!'

Of course, it's all for fun and the former Friends star, who was recently reported to be expecting her first child with boyfriend Justin Theroux, is still besotted with her gal pal.

It has been suggested that Theroux, 40 , Handler have clashed about who gets to spend the most time with Aniston in the past, but reports of any serious strife between the trio seem precipitous.

And the team at E! were delighted by how down-to-earth and polite the movie star was on the show.

Staff writer, Heather McDonald told US Weekly: 'It was great having Jen Aniston on the show. She's super sweet, has a really hot body, the good hair.

'Jen is also a good-friend to host Chelsea, as she had no problem doing her friend a favour and making an appearance.

Heather continued: 'She's really, truly friends with Chelsea so I think that's the main reason why she did it.'

Reese Witherspoon was another actress who was given a good report by the writer after she made her second cameo on the show.

She said: 'She's just as delightful as always. I tried to bond with her because we have kids the same age, so I think that's gonna work out. I think we're gonna do some park stuff.'

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