'I've given up on him': Ryan Giggs' father Danny Wilson speaks out on his estranged son

By J J Anisiobi

Role model: Danny Wilson carries his son Ryan Giggs as a child but can't believe he betrayed his brother

The estranged father of Ryan Giggs has finally spoken out about the ultimate betrayal his son committed.

Former Welsh rugby star Danny Wilson has said that the family has been ripped apart by the Manchester United player's actions and sleeping with his brother's wife is the 'lowest thing anyone could ever do to somebody'.

The devastated 56-year-old blames a life of fame and fortune on Ryan's decisions and admitted that he had 'given up' on the 38-year-old winger.

Speaking to the Daily Star he said: 'I would never close my door to any of my children. But I won’t defend Ryan any more. I’m through with it. I’ve given up on him.'

Danny, who was the first black rugby player to be capped as a schoolboy, was once stabbed in the face and neck for sticking up for his son, but now he feels nothing but shame and contempt for the winger.

When a racist thug called Ryan a 'n****r' to Danny's face, the father-of-three defended his son and was attacked with a blade which resulted in a stab wound and a slashed face.

Moving on: Rhodri and Natasha Giggs are now trying to work through their problems

However, he refuses to protect the football legend this time and is sickened that Rhodri has not received an apology from his older brother for the eight-year affair with Natasha, 29.

He told the newspaper: 'It has been difficult for me at times putting up with the grief that comes with being Ryan Giggs’s dad. I have defended him to the end and even taken a knife for him.

'But what he has done to his own flesh and blood is beyond belief.'

Danny split up with the boys mother when Giggsy was just 14 and he partly blames himself for the mess the family are now in.

The man: Ryan and Stacey Giggs have stayed together throughout the revelations of the affair

He said to the newspaper: 'I honestly feel the lack of a father figure is one of the reasons all this had happened.

'If I’d been in Ryan and Rhodri’s lives I know they wouldn’t be in this mess. And I regret that.'

Cardiff born Wilson claims he left Lynne, 56, because he wasn't ready for fatherhood at a young age and enjoyed hanging out with his friends too much to settle down.

Red devil: Giggs is the most decorated player in the Premier League

After several personal problems, including being jailed for drink-driving, he tried to rebuild a relationship with his sons but says that his 'poisonous relationship' with their mother made it difficult.

Danny, who plans to marry his long term partner, Dawn Pritchard, this year, hopes the brothers can learn from the experience and move forward.

He said: 'I just somehow hope Ryan and Rhodri can put this behind them or it will haunt them for years.'

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