By Emily Sheridan

Revenge is a dish best served cold: Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly) hands her ex-husband Steve Tracy's medical records as she plans to leave Coronation Street

Katherine Kelly promised to leave Coronation Street with a bang... and she certainly did that tonight.

After getting her revenge on love rival Tracy Barlow and informing her ex-husband Steve McDonald exactly what a liar he had just married, Becky McDonald headed off on a first class flight to Barbados for a new life.

Although Becky surprised soap fans by patiently holding back her revenge until the wedding reception, she made sure the whole of Weatherfield was there to see her vindicated in the Rovers' Return.

All alone: Groom Steve McDonald stands outside the Rovers Return after losing Becky and dumping Tracy

After deciding to let her ex-husband Steve (Simon Gregson) go through with the wedding ceremony to Tracy (Kate Ford), Becky turned up at their reception and interrupted the speeches with her own little announcement.

As soap fans will know, Tracy has been claiming Becky was responsible for her miscarrying her and Steve's unborn twins - when in fact she lost the babies through natural causes a few days earlier.

However, over the past weeks, Steve and his fellow Coronation Street residents believed Becky 'killed' the babies by pushing Tracy down the stairs.

Surprise! Blushing bride Tracy walks down the aisle to see her nemesis Becky seated in a pew

'I'm just smoothing my dress': Becky interrupts the service, which continues nonetheless

In the run-up to the wedding, a desperate Becky stole Tracy's medical records to prove to Steve that she wasn't to blame for the loss of the twins.

So as the groom Steve prepared to make his speech, he was handed a piece of paper by his ex-wife.

As he starts to read the dates and details of Tracy's miscarriage, he realises the huge deception by his new wife of just a few hours.

It's really over: An emotional Becky talks to her sister Kylie in the Rovers toilet after watching Steve tie the knot

Smug: Newlywed Tracy thanks Becky for making her look 'sweet' by gatecrashing their wedding and reception

As Tracy tries to claim the document is forged, Becky tells Steve: 'These are Tracy's medical records, showing that when she fell down my stairs - and that's fell, folks, not was pushed - there were no babies.

'Now whatever she's been through, and trust me I would not wish that on my worst enemy... and she is my worst enemy, it was nothing to do with me. Your shiny new wife's a filthy liar.'

Becky then informs everyone at the Rovers that Tracy's mother Deirdre Barlow (Anne Kirkbride) was in on the plan.

A furious Steve then tells Tracy their incredibly short marriage is over.

Happy... but not for long: Steve prepares to say his speech as his smug new wife looks on

After popping back to the Roy and Hayley's flat to get her belongings, a tearful
Becky tells her sister Kylie (Paula Lane) she is leaving and gives her £5,000 towards son Max's upbringing.

She then has a tearful farewell with Roy and Hayley outside the Rovers before jumping into a taxi to the airport.

But once at the airport, Becky's journey is interrupted by Steve, who apologises for not believing her.

Biding her time: Becky fans herself with Tracy's medical records as she prepares for the big reveal

He said: 'I've been such an idiot... I never thought she could lie about something like that.

'I am so sorry.'

But despite her feelings for Steve, Becky is unmoved: 'All you had to do was know me... Until you, I never really believed anyone could love me so...'

I'm the innocent one here: After Steve reads Tracy's records, Becky informs everyone in the pub of the truth about her enemy's miscarriage

Guilt: Deirdre Barlow feels terrible when Becky informs everyone that she was in on the deceit

She hugs him goodbye, before joining new boyfriend Danny and his son Billy to catch their flight to the Caribbean.

In her final scenes, Becky and Danny are seen swilling champagne in First Class.

After being informed all the drinks are free, a thrilled Becky asks the Virgin Atlantic stewardess to 'lob us the bottle', and declares 'We're heading for the stars'.

Help me: A desperate Tracy tries to get Deirdre to back up her lie

Earlier in the episode, an emotional Becky had turned up at the wedding service with sister Kylie.

After failing to announce Tracy's deception to the congregation, she told Kylie: 'He chose her... so he can have her.

'Revenge is gonna be so much sweeter now she is chained to the cow... Bring on the party.'

I've gotta go: Becky cries after saying goodbye to Roy and Hayley

And now for the annulment: A sobbing Tracy begs Steve to forgive her as he jumps into a car to find Becky

After following the couple to the reception, a smug Tracy confronted Becky in the toilets.

Tracy boasts not only does she get the chance to gloat at Becky, but also wins the sympathy of the guests who think 'I'm really sweet' for putting up with the ex-wife's presence.

Fans of the show have seen Tracy weasel her way back in Steve's life over the past few months after falling pregnant with his twins after a one-night stand.

I'm so sorry: Steve begs Becky's forgiveness

However, after tragically suffering a miscarriage, an insecure Tracy feared Steve would leave her.

But after clashing with his ex-wife Becky a few days later, Tracy slipped and fell down stairs.

Despite genuinely concerned Becky calling an ambulance, Tracy saw the perfect opportunity to get rid of Steve's ex and accused her of pushing her down the stairs.

Lying in her hospital bed, she lied to Steve, claiming she suffered a miscarriage due to falling downstairs.

Tracy's deception being revealed coincides with actress Kelly leaving the soap after four and a half years of playing Becky.

A new life: Becky heads off for her flight to Barbados with new boyfriend Danny and his son Billy

During the two episodes, 'ByeByeBecky' and 'Becky McDonald' were trending on Twitter.

And the actress herself admitted she wasn't watching it because she was treading the boards in She Stoops To Conquer at the National Theatre.

She did tweet earlier on Monday: 'I must admit, I shed a tear when watching the 8:30 ep :( #byebyebecky.

'Getting ready to go on stage. Gutted I can't watch Corrie with the everyone. ENJOY! Let me know what you think! #byebyebecky.'

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