By J J Anisiobi

Gary Barlow turned into Mystic Meg tonight as he predicted Misha B would not win the X Factor.

The Take That star lamented over past events on this year's X Factor show and told the Misha B she had no chance of winning the competition.

Although Misha B had given two strong performances on tonight's show, Gary was certain she could not win because of what fellow judge Tulisa had accused her of a few weeks ago.

Game over: Gary Barlow told Misha B she will not win the X Factor even she makes it to the final

The Mancunian followed up her rendition of Dancing In The Street, with a version of Pink’s F*ckin Perfect.

Following her second song Gary shocked the audience when he told the young singer she had no chance of being an X Factor champion.

He said: ' Misha I mentioned the positive side of you being here earlier but there is a negative side as well and that’s I’ve sat here and witnessed your journey and it makes me sad.'

As the audience began to boo him he continued: 'You have been wrongfully accused of being someone that you’re not.

Dazzling: Misha B performs her first song on the X Factor and gets good feedback from the judges

'Even if you are lucky enough to get through tomorrow night, I don’t think you can win because of that and that’s a shame.'

Misha's mentor didn't seem to disagree with her co-judge's comments but claimed that Misha B would do well regardless.

Kelly said: 'Win, lose, X Factor, no X Factor, you are a star! A star!'

X Factor GrabFrom the heart: Misha gave a touching performance for her second song choice

Gary was referring to week three of the live shows when Tulisa and Louis accused the budding singer, 19, of 'bullying' other contestants backstage.

After Misha sang Prince's Purple Rain for the 'Rock Week' theme, Walsh told her: 'Misha, every week you work it, You have a unique voice and you’re a brilliant entertainer. Did you ever see the Tina Turner movie Mad Max…that’s what it reminded me of tonight in a good way.

'You’re very confident, you’re a very confident performer. I hope you’re not too over-confident.'

X Factor GrabNever going to win: Gary dropped the revelation after Misha had performed Perfect by Pink

But Contostavlos went into depth about the teenager's alleged backstage behaviour and said: 'There is no doubt about it, when it comes to talent you are way up there. Most people they come into the competition and they to be built up and progress but you came as a whole package and you are definitely the star of the show.

'But I do have one negative this week. I think you are very competitive and I’ve seen a different side of you backstage and you don’t realise that you do it, but in some ways you being so feisty can come across as quite mean to certain contestants and I’ve been told by a few this week there’s been a few mean comments towards them.

Feeling good: Misha and Dermot O'Leary discuss the judges comments after her second performance

'I’m not putting you down but take that feistiness and energy when you get on the stage and leave them all behind. Put aside the attitude.'

Louis joined in with the attack and said: 'One of my contestants has complained about Misha bullying her backstage.'

Gary's comments on tonight's show began trending on Twitter with London MC Lethal Bizzle writing: 'Gary is the man! Speaking the truth! We all know why! #A**Licker'

The damage is done: Tulisa gave positive feedback to Misha B tonight but the damage had already been done

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