'Shut up Anne Diamond': Comedienne Dawn French hits back at gastric band speculation

By Kerry Mcqueeney

Incredible shrinking woman: Dawn French (left) insists her weight loss was down to healthy eating and walking more, while Anne Diamond (right) has suggested she could have undergone gastric band surgery

Her dramatic weight loss has attracted admiration as well as speculation over how she did it.

However, it would seem funny girl Dawn French has had enough of rumours over her method of shedding the pounds.

In a radio Christmas special due to be broadcast on Radio 2 tomorrow, the actress - along with her comedy partner Jennifer Saunders - hits back at TV presenter Anne Diamond, who suggested her weight loss could have been the result of gastric band surgery.

According to The Sun, French sarcastically says in the comedy special: 'Thank you, Anne, for putting me right.

'Aren't I lucky to have Anne Diamond telling me how to live.'

Comedy partner Saunders adds: 'Dawn, have you swallowed a gastric band?', to which French replies: 'No, I have not.'

The comedy pair then both shout in unison: 'Shut up, Anne Diamond.'

Diamond, who herself shed the pounds after having a gastric band fitted in 2006, speculated that French's 'astonishing transformation' could have been the result of undergoing the procedure.

In an open letter to French last month, Diamond asked: 'Dawn, how did you do it? Was it really just ‘eating less and walking more’ as you have said? The slimming world is abuzz.

'Some say it has to be one of those "meal replacement" programmes such as Lighter Life, where your unhealthy relationship with food is deconstructed and then built up again.

Before: Dawn French was famous for her larger frame (left) while Anne Diamond (right) also struggled with her weight before shedding the pounds after having a gastric band fitted

Dynamic duo: Dawn French with her comedy partner Jennifer Saunders. The pair recorded a Christmas special for Radio 2

'Others say it can be done just by dieting and exercise, as with Slimming World or WeightWatchers.

'But it’s unusual to go so smoothly, without falling off the wagon or hitting frustrating plateaux.

'I spoke to an obesity surgeon who said that the easiest way to guarantee your sort of dramatic and consistent weight is to have a gastric band or a gastric bypass. Your spokesman insists that’s not the case.'

In last month's open letter, Diamond spoke about her own weight loss through gastric band surgery.

She added: 'What I do know is that I made the terrible mistake of keeping quiet after I had gastric-band surgery, and I paid a heavy price for that when I was betrayed.

'I had gone to Belgium to have my band fitted in secret, but it all went wrong when a fellow patient saw me on television and rang the papers.

'Then I was pilloried for cheating, when all I had done was try to end the misery of a problem I couldn’t shift any other way.'

The French and Saunders Christmas special is due to be broadcast tomorrow, Christmas Day, on BBC Radio 2.

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