By Lauren Paxman

Cheryl Cole - perhaps unsurprisingly for a 5ft 3in pop singer - boasts that she can walk in heels of any height.

But she realises that not all of us enjoy wearing toe-curlingly painful stilettos.

So for her debut collection of heels, the Geordie has focused on comfort and versatility. Her 'shoe wardrobe' includes styles for all occasions, ranging from red carpet appearances, to super smart daywear or casual weekend pieces.

'I think people were expecting just a handful of heels made in different ways, but that's not what I'm about,' Cheryl said of the collection she has designed.

Ri Ri-alising her dream: Cheryl Cole wears the set of leopard skin-trimmed boots she designed that were inspired by fellow singer Rihanna

'I wanted each girl to have something she could relate to, whatever she does, or however she feels.

'We're all different, we all have different jobs. I really do feel that there is something for everyone here.'

Cheryl described her eight pairs of £79.90 to £119.85 shoes as 'killer shoes that don't kill your feet.'

The former X Factor judge told Grazia: 'I have a pair of Louboutins that are so cripplingly painful – but I’m trying to ease myself into them gently, wearing them for a few minutes every now and again.’

Your Royal Hotness: Cheryl's 'shoe wardrobe' has styles for all occasions, ranging from red carpet appearances, to super smart daywear or casual weekend pieces. They include these heels inspired by Pippa Middleton

Hopefully, those who snap up her shoes won't have to go through the same process.

She has certainly done everything she can to avoid sore toes. High quality fabrications and finishes are used throughout, with kid leather uppers and leather linings combining with special comfort features

A spokesman for said: 'The launch marks [Cheryl's] first entry into design.

'Involved at all stages in the process, from details like toe shapes and embellishments, to the packaging itself, Cheryl even created names for each style and colourway.'

Biker, Byker, biker, Byker Grove: Cheryl's casual boots which were inspired by the children's TV series set in her home town

The names Cheryl selected show that she was influenced by her upbringing, friends and even the royal wedding.

The biker boots are jokingly called Byker Grove - inspired by the Geordie TV show that was set in her home town.

Leopard-print trimmed stiletto boots are named Ri Ri, after fellow-singer Rihanna, and studded heels are named after Pippa Middleton - they are called Your Royal Hotness.

Cheryl's shoe wardrobe: Your Royal Hotness in midnight noir, Glam Slam and Your Royal Hotness in blush - all £79.90

One source of inspiration that Cheryl probably won't be revisiting is The X Factor.

Cheryl was infamously sacked from U.S. version of the show earlier this year - but she still can't bring herself to put on the the shoes she wore for those TV appearances.

She said: ‘For me, all shoes have memories - wearing them on a certain occasion like that means the shoe gets that memory.

From left: Funky Munky in Tarzan (£119.85), Byker Grove (£119.85) and TLC in chocolate down (£79.90)

‘If I can’t wear them again I also can’t get rid of them because they are so linked to that emotion. I’m probably a bit bonkers like that.’

Fortunately, Cheryl has another 2,000-odd pairs of heels that she hoards in every room in her home.

She also has access to as many versions as she can wear of the eight new designs launched today - and further sets of Cheryl Cole heels that will be added to the collection in the New Year.

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