The Price she pays: Jordan loses £2million in one year to her long list of exes

By J J Anisiobi

She was once of Britain's most high profile celebrities and dated a string of good looking younger men.

Now Jordan has revealed she is paying the price for all of those previous relationships and is absolutely fuming.

Her financial team told her that this year she has to pay out a whopping £2million to her exes.

Million pound drop: Katie Price will have to pay Alex Reid £1 million in a divorce settlement

The reality TV star was heard telling friends that she feels like she has been taken for a ride and made a fool of.

Closer magazine revealed she said: 'My exes are bleeding me dry. I've been such a sucker - I've loved them all and they've just used me like this.'

The biggest single payment 33-year-old Jordan will have to pay out this year is to Alex Reid.

Happy days: Alex is now engaged to Chantelle Hougton and the couple are expecting their first child

The pair have only been married for 11 months but now Alex will receive £1million from Jordan in a divorce settlement.

To rub salt in the wound, Alex, 36, is now expecting his first child with Chantelle Houghton who he proposed to while still legally married.

The mother-of-three is also paying £15,000 a month in maintenance to ex-hubby Peter Andre, 38, with whom she has two children.

The princess and the Pete: Katie and Peter pictured in 2006 in happier times

Legal costs for both her divorce from Reid and custody issues over her children with Peter have accumulated to around £500,000.

Katie Price is worth around £30million thanks to her TV projects, clothing ranges and book deals but has been ordered to live on a monthly budget by her accountant and brother Danny Price.

A friend told Closer: 'Jordan's fuming after meeting up with her advisers last week, it was so humiliating for her to learn what a mug she's been.'

Playboy: Leandro Penna was Jordan's younger Argentinian boyfriend whom she bought a Porsche

According to the friend, Katie feels insecure now with men and splashes cash on them because she thinks it will get them to love her.

Two years ago she paid Peter Andre £6million in their divorce settlement but then made the same mistake with Alex and Leandro Penna.

She reportedly spent thousands of pounds building a gym for Alex in her house and spent even more on 26-year-old Leandro.

The twits: Katie posted this picture on her Twitter page during their whirlwind romance

A source close to Katie said: 'Leo is a gadget fan, so Katie splashed out on 3D TVs, Apple MacBooks, and a Bose speaker system throughout the whole house.'

The source added: 'She even bought him a £100,000 Porsche.

Katie was reportedly angry to learn that Peter had opened a coffee shop last week in West Sussex, England.

She claimed the idea was hers and Peter has never had a good money making idea in his life.

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