By Sarah Fitzmaurice and Sarah Bull

Delighted: Kelly Rowland, seen with Dermot O'Leary in Miami, was overjoyed to have been given the girls' category

She is no stranger to girl power and has spent years singing with her sisters as part of Destiny's Child.

So Kelly Rowland was ecstatic to have landed the girls' category and the eight young female hopefuls couldn't have looked happier as they learned they were heading to Miami as part of the judges houses section of the X Factor show.

After finding out which group she had the American told the girls: ‘Oh boy we are going to have some fun.’

Girl power: Kelly Rowland with her charges. She told them: 'Oh boy we are going to have some fun'

Kelly added: ‘We got to win this, confidence is key, you got to communicate with me, I really mean that.’

The girls heading to Miami with Kelly Rowland are Amelia Lily, Mischa Bryan, Holly Repton, Sian Phillips, Janet Devlin, Jade Richards, Sophie Habibis and Melanie McCabe.

Miss Rowland wasn't the only one happy with her category. Gary Barlow was delighted to be given the boys and looked happy at the prospect of nurturing new male talent.

Excited: Kelly and Tulisa were both thrilled with the categories they were assigned

Beach girls: The final eight have spent time at Kelly's 'judge house' in Miami in the hope of getting to the live finals

Meanwhile Tulisa was given the groups and Louis was left with the over 25's, the category that was least popular with the judges.

Gary, who will be hosting the boys in LA said: ‘Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it, and you know what the lucky thing for you guys is, this is my first year and I’m going to be on you 24 hours a day.’

Over the moon: The boys were delighted to learn they had Gary Barlow as their mentor and couldn't contain their excitement

Group hug: Gary told the boys: 'Oh my goodness, I can't believe it, and you know what the lucky thing for you guys is, this is my first year and I'm going to be on you 24 hours a day'

Tulisa who found fame in N-Dubz, seemed equally over the moon to be given the group category.

She said: ‘Guys you can’t even imagine how emotional I’m feeling right now, from now on, honestly, I’m here 100 per cent for all of you from the bottom of my heart.’

She to presenter Dermot O'Leary: 'I now want to be the first X Factor judge to take the groups to the finals and win the competition, here comes the competition, now I'm ready.'

Young hot male talent: Joe Cox, Frankie Cocozza, Luke Lucas, John Wilding, Marcus Collins, Max Vickers, James Michael and Craig Colton made it through to the judges' house stage with Gary in LA

Ready for action: The Overs, Jonjo, Samantha, Jonny, Goldie, Kitty, Carolynne, Terry and Joe

Fun in the sun: The groups enjoy the sunshine in Greece, before waiting to find out next week which of them has made it through to the next stage

Louis, who has only seen victory in the X Factor in 2005 when Shayne Ward won the second series of the show, was given the overs and looks likely to continue his losing streak.

When Dermot asked Louis if he thought he could win, he said: ‘I’m going to work very hard.’

Those going with Louis to Barcelona are Kitty Brucknell, Samantha Brookes, Joseph Gilligan, Goldie Cheung, Jonny Robinson, Carolynne Poole, Jonjo Kerr and Terry Winstanley.

The boys who made it through to the judge's house stage of the competition are Joe Cox, Frankie Cocozza, Luke Lucas, John Wilding, Marcus Collins, Max Vickers, James Michael and Craig Colton.

Emotional: Tulisa said she was delighted to get the groups. She said: I¿m here 100 per cent for all of you from the bottom of my heart'

Groups going to Greece with Tulisa include Girl V Boy, The Keys, Vice, 2 Shoes, The Risk, Estrella.

And in a move similar to last year, which saw the judges create One Direction, the panel put Jesy Nelson, Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirwell and Leigh-Anne Pinnock into a group together.

Earlier in the show, the contestants were seen attempting to keep their place in the competition by performing solo in front of the judges and a 5,000-strong crowd at Wembley Arena.

One of the stand-out acts was undoubtedly Kitty Brucknell, who admitted she had spent more than £2,000 on her stage outfit, which stunned the audience when it lit up.

Golden girls: Mischa Bryan and Jade Richards have headed to Miami after wowing judges at bootcamp

Before taking to the stage to perform Feeling Good, Kitty said: 'I couldn’t pay my rent because I bought this costume, it was over £2000. I was going to sprinkle rose petals around the stage, a video backdrop that I created, start off playing piano, put my arm out here and a line would shoot out of my fingers.

'My brain is always full of ideas. It’s really important that every single performance that I do, people want to talk about my performance, because that’s what being in this industry is all about.'

Discussing the performance afterwards among themselves, Tulisa said: 'I tell you what, 10 out of 10 for effort.'

Eccentric: Goldie, who has consistently stunned the judges with her unique performances, pulled it out of the bag once again by singing Feeling Good

Writhing around: The pianist looked amused as Goldie reclined on top of the piano

And Gary added: 'She sounds great, I can’t stop looking at her, and she is fascinating.'

After her performance, Kitty said: 'I’m not sure how that went, I’m not sure the audience gets me, which is fine; I did the best to my ability. It takes a lot to break the norm and I really don’t care.'

Following performances from Jade Richards, Melanie McCabe and Amelia Lily, Kelly said she was desperate to be assigned as mentor for the girls.

Blondes leading the way: Amelia Lily and Kitty Brucknell are both through after their solo performances

Mischa Bryan was another stand-out performance, but she admitted she was nervous about performing Destiny's Child Survivor.

Beforehand, she said: 'My final performance is a big cry out, I’ve got a rap at the start of it that I’ve made up which talks about my past life experiences.

'There’s a lot of things that have hurt me in the past and me being able to learn and grow through them is just. Looking back on the past five years I would never ever have pictured myself here.. Being able to have accomplished what I have accomplished.

'My outfit cost more than £2,000!' Kitty Brucknell went all out for her last solo performance

Unsure: Kitty said afterwards she didn't know if the audience had liked her performance

'I don’t think I have ever been so ready. Before I was ready and now I AM READY!'

Frankie Cocozza, 18, was up next, performing Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls.

Before performing, Frankie said: 'I’m so excited it’s ridiculous. I’m going to be performing at Wembley in front of thousands of people. I’ve got to perform the best I’ve ever performed today because I want to go further and I just don’t want it to end yet.'

And while Frankie's charisma impressed the judges, Gary said he wished his voice was a little stronger.

Headline-grabbing Goldie, who has now quit the show, was up next, performing Feeling Good.

Controversial: Gary was unimpressed with David Wilder's unique performance

Prior to her audition, Goldie said: 'It’s like a dream, you cannot believe it. So far I’ve been surprising myself. When I’m on stage, suddenly something happens, I don’t even realise, like a Super Woman.

'I’m so friendly. I don’t bite, I’m not a tiger, I’m not a leopard, I’m just a Chinese woman. I have put so much hard work in, it means a lot to me.'

Beginning her performance by laying across a piano, Goldie then set her sights on her favourite X Factor judge, Gary, and tried to give him a kiss.

But the Take That star was determined to get away, and ran around the auditorium with Goldie chasing him before she finally caught him and gave him a kiss.

Excited: Kelly looked thrilled with some of the performances the judges were treated to

Up next was Terry Winstanley, who has consistently impressed the judges with his incredible voice.

However, he began to falter and forgot the words as he sang U2's The One.

A clearly upset Winstanley said after his performance: 'I might as well get on a train now and go home.'

But Kelly insisted: 'We still know what this man is capable of.'

Janet Devlin was up next, and was labelled the 'one to beat' by the judges after her emotional performance of Aerosmith's Don't Want To Miss A Thing.

Afterwards, Gary said: 'Every time she sings, it's like I've never heard that song before, and I like it better, I like it better than the original.'

Louis added: 'She's the one to beat in this competition at the moment.'

Samantha Brookes, one of the stand-out contenders in the Overs category, was up next performing Bruno Mars' Grenade.

Before performing, Samantha said: 'I didn't expect to get this far, initially when I went for the audition is was just expecting maybe one yes or two yeses... I can't even put into words how I feel, I am absolutely petrified.

'You have a dream when you're little and mine is I just want to sing and I want people to give me a chance and not look at the outside and think 'I wouldn't put a poster of her on my wall', you know I probably wouldn't fit on the wall anyway... I pray I get through today... I really want to get through.'

But while Samantha has previously wowed with her auditions, last night's performance was labelled slightly 'cabaret' by the judges.

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