By Sarah Bull

Tears, tantrums and catfights: Rosie Webster (played by Helen Flanagan) gets into a physical fight with a rival model as she appears on Lorraine Kelly's morning show

She moved to London in the hope of becoming a successful model.

But it seems things don't quite go according to plan for Rosie Webster, as images from the new Coronation Street spin-off show.

In the shots, Helen Flanagan, who plays Rosie in the ITV programme, is seen trying to make it in the modelling industry after landing a job on Lorraine Kelly's morning TV show.

The nails are out: Lorraine looks completely oblivious as Rosie and fellow model Stacy fight in the background

However, after just seconds on screen, Rosie gets involved in a bitter catfight with a modelling rival.

The video of the catfight is quickly posted on the internet and Rosie becomes an internet sensation. leading to her appearance as a guest on Loose Women before being interviewed by Johnny Vaughan and Lisa Snowdon on Capital Radio.

Rosie is also seen attempting to make her name on various modelling jobs, including a campaign for a new brand of nappies and what appears to be a shower gel, as she reclines on a rock wearing only a revealing gold swimsuit.

Hitting the big time: Rosie moves to London to pursue her career as a model in the new Just Rosie webisodes

Famous faces: After the video of her catfight becomes an internet sensation, Rosie is interviewed by Johnny Vaughn and Lisa Snowdon on Capital FM

And it seems Rosie's career goes from strength to strength during her time in London, as the pretty brunette is also seen collecting a prize from the Glitz Fashion Awards.

On her official website, Rosie boasts of her modelling abilities: 'I'm a woman of many talents.

'I can turn my hand to anything from commercials to high fashion; sports wear to beauty products; outdoor clothing to magazine covers.'

Cuddling up: Rosie is accompanied by her boyfriend Jason Grimshaw (played by Ryan Thomas) on her journey

A shoulder to cry on: Jason comforts Rosie as she sheds a few tears when things don't quite go to plan

But Rosie also tells her fans she found herself compromised when she was presented with the chance to pose topless for a campaign.

She writes on her blog: 'There's a line I won't cross. I have my standards. And this photographer was suggesting it's holding me back. I know other models are happy doing topless shots and that's fine. But it's not for me and I said so. I was like totally blunt. Thing is, though, I can stand up for myself. Not everyone can.

'I love modelling. And most people in it are totes lovely. But there are a handful of slimeballs who try to get models to do stuff they don't want to. And some of the more naive ones might not think they can say no.

In the glamazon: Rosie dons a skimpy gold swimsuit as she poses in a modelling campaign for shower gel

Domestic goddess: Rosie then turns her hand to a more domestic style advert promoting nappies

Red hot on the red carpet: Rosie is seen picking up an award at the Glitzy Fashion Awards

'So my message to any model out there feeling under pressure to do work she doesn't want to is this - only do what you're comfortable with. That way, you'll not be exploited. I mean, look at me. If I can do it, so can you.'

In an extremely tongue-in-cheek blog post, Rosie also talks about making the transition from modelling to acting.

She says: 'I know some people think models are thick. But it’s not true at all. I mean, Naomi Campbell writes books. What people don’t understand, you see, is a model is acting all the time.

Co-stars: Appearing alongside Helen in the webisodes are Kandi McCulloch as her arch modeling enemy Stacey and Steven Houghton as Rosie's agent Alfie Clarke

Drop dead gorgeous: Rosie shows off her modelling potential with an al fresco runway show

'It’s not all just standing around in clothes. No, there’s a lot of acting involved.

I mean, if I’m photographed with a male model, we might have to pretend we’re lovers or married.

'That totally takes real skill to pull off. Methodist acting, that’s the technical term. So models are well qualified to be actresses and it’s totes where I could see myself going.

'I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a serious actor and be a Bond girl?'

Working it: Rosie struts her stuff down the catwalk before donning a gold minidress for another photoshoot

Rosie is accompanied by boyfriend Jason Grimshaw, played by Ryan Thomas, as she begins her modelling career in London.

And when things don't go to plan, Rosie is comforted by Jason as she sheds a few tears over what might have been.

Talking about her boyfriend and their relationship, Rosie says: 'He's a great looking guy, Jase, and we have so much in common. I mean, my sister's gay and so is his brother! It's like fate that we were meant to be together.

My name in lights! Rosie stands proudly outside a London cinema featuring her name in giant letters

You want me to do what? Rosie looks uncomfortable as two prospective clients present her with an idea

'I can totally see "Rosie and Jason" as the next "Posh and Becks" a real power couple, an inspiration to people not as good looking as us everywhere. Together, we can take on the world and win.'

The three-part spin-off show will start airing on from Monday 26th September.

Announcing the spin-off earlier this year, a Coronation Street spokesman said: 'This is a great opportunity for fans of Coronation Street to watch extra exclusive content on that links back into the main show on ITV1.'

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