By J J Anisiobi

Kiss and tell: Aaron and Maisy discuss what the whole house already knows

He began the evening by sharing a bed with Maisy and Faye but Aaron ended the next day threatening to leave the house after being attacked by his fellow housemates.

He was in bed with Faye when Maisy joined the pair just before Faye got out saying: ‘Aaron can you just spoon Maisy please, I’m too hot.’

Maisy, 19, and father-of-one Aaron, 30, became the talk of the house after sharing a midnight kiss.

As soon as he woke up the following day Aaron attempted to confide in Mark what happened with Maisy and was hanging his head in mock shame.

Moments later, Aaron is making tea in the kitchen as Maisy walks through from the garden and the two share a flirtatious smirk with each other.

It doesn't take long for the rest of the house to find out about the secret rendezvous, however, as Anton makes it his personal task to notify several of the other housemates.

Anton first spills the beans to a disbelieving Louise and says: 'Aaron and Maisy were getting off with each other last night.'

Big Brother's big mouth: Anton tells Louise what he saw the night before

Dinner talk: Anton fills in Tom, Heaven and Harry during their victory meal

Although Louise doesn't believe Anton at first he convinces her when he says: 'I don’t think they had sex though,' and mimics the breathless noises he heard.

Meanwhile Aaron heads to the diary room to get things off his chest, including his friendship with Tom.

'We do flirt,' he adds but explains that it’s 'a bit of fun' and that he is not leading Tom on. 'I’m not some bed hopping sex fiend, I don’t even like talking about it, I like pasta!'

Sad times: Tom gets upset when he hears the news about Aaron and Maisy and Anton consoles him

The jig is up: Aaron realises that the whole house knows what happened

He explains the situation he was in with Maisy adding: 'I was just in the right place at the right time, or wrong place at the wrong time.'

Aaron confesses that he was feeling 'slightly randy' and is bewildered by what happened. 'I’ve blown any chance…, I just don’t want to hurt Faye,' he ends.

Geordie Jay and Louise head to the store room and Louise relays what Anton told her about Aaron and Maisy. They decide to tell Faye and Jay delicately states: 'Aaron and Maisy got it on last night.'

The rumour mill: Maisy is distraught when she finds out that house have been talking about her

Faye is upset by what Jay told her and Louise tells her that she wanted to be the one to tell her. 'I thought she (Maisy) was more into Jay,' Faye comments, 'I’m quite shocked.'

After winning a food-tasting task earlier in the afternoon, Harry, Tom, Aden and Anton enjoy an a la carte meal with Heaven acting as their personal waiter.

Anton and Aden take the opportunity to tell the others about Aaron and Maisy and Tom declares 'I don’t fancy him, but he’s the one I would most (out of all the boys), I’m pissed off.'

Hug it out: Heaven holds Maisy after it all comes out

Safe haven: Aaron hides in the diary room and tells Big Brother he is a 'coward'

Later in the evening Anton announces that Faye knows about Maisy and Aaron says 'I feel like I’m on EastEnders.'

An angry and slightly drunk Tom confides in Faye that he now feels that Aaron led them both on and gave him the impression that he fancied him.

It is not until the housemates are getting ready for bed that Maisy finds out that all day the whole house has been talking about what did or didn't happen between her and Aaron.

Bad boy: Faye tells Aaron exactly what she thinks of his behaviour

A frustrated Maisy breaks down in tears and denies that anything happened to Louise, Tom and Heaven while a 'cowardly' Aaron hides in the diary room and confesses to Big Brother that he is afraid of facing the music.

He eventually surfaces and receives a dressing down from Faye who tells him to 'think about what your son would say.'

Aaron’s mood turns and he scolds: 'You’re out of order,' before leaving the garden and heading to bed claiming that he will leave the house in the morning.

Gobsmacked: Faye is amazed by Aaron's reaction to what she says about him

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