The pictures that reveal true depth of Arnold Schwarzenegger's double life and deception

By Dionne Clarke

Deceived: Arnold Schwarzenegger's estranged wife Maria Shriver warmly embraced her husband's mistress, Mildred Baena, in pictures taken in 2001 - not knowing that the pair were having an affair and had a child

New pictures which depict the depth of Arnold Schwarzenegger's double life have surfaced.

In one of the images taken 10 years ago a trusting and blissfully unaware Maria Shriver embraces Mildred Baena at a family event.

The pair both smile broadly at the camera as they share a hug, suggesting the pair had a close relationship.

Maria had no idea at the time that the woman she was so warmly hugging was having an affair with her husband and had given birth to his child.

The family had gathered to celebrate the Quinceanera of Mildred's niece back in January 2001 - just over three years after the housekeeper had given birth to Schwarzenegger's love child.

In another picture, the former Governor of California shamelessly wraps his arm around his lover in front of their families.

Mildred snuggled in close to Schwarzenegger resting her head on his chest - presumably not for the first time.

Cosy: The former housekeeper snuggled up to Schwarzenegger while her friends and family look on - she gave birth to The Terminator's child Patrick in 1997

Arnold's love child Joseph, aged three at the time, is seen being blessed by a priest. He is being guided by a boy who is thought to be a young Patrick Schwarzenegger, who would have been seven at the time.

Joseph also stands in the pew beside another young child believed to be Christopher Schwarzenegger. The boys were born just days apart.

The Terminator star and his wife have four children together, Katherine, 21, Christina, 19, Patrick, 17, and Christopher, 12.

Joseph was dressed in a smart suit and also posed with the 15-year-old girl who was being honoured that day.

In other images, Joseph is seen holding a guitar as he enjoys a music session.

Double life: Schwarzenegger, Maria and their children had come out to celebrate the Quinceanera of Baena's niece showing how close the families were

Tangled web: Joseph and a child believed to be Maria and Arnold's youngest son Christopher. The boys were born just days apart

These never before seen images truly tells the tale of how the famous Hollywood actor who would then take a high profile political job seamlessly managed to live a double life.

On one hand he was the doting father-of-four, an Austrian immigrant who had turned his life into the American dream by marrying a woman from one of the most famous dynasties in the U.S. - the Kennedys.

But on the other hand he was having a shameless affair with his long term housekeeper under the nose of his wife while entwining the lives of both without fear that he would ever get caught.

However, his lies and deception have now been laid bare for the world to see and the cockiness shown in the images have now been replaced by embarrassment and shame for what he has brought on his family.

Shriver today met with her attorney Laura Wasser at her luxury Beverly Hills hotel where she has been staying since moving out of her family home.

Love child: Three-year-old Joseph is blessed by a priest as a boy believed to be a young Patrick Schwarzenegger, then seven, looks on

TMZ are reporting that she is going ahead with her divorce plans to bring an end to her tumultuous marriage.

Her husband has also met with another high-profile divorce atorney, Bob Kaufman, although it is not known if he has formally retained the lawyer yet.

Shriver has apparently been meeting with her financial representative for several months to go through her money issues before filing the divorce petition.

She will want to secure the financial future of her and her four children as she begins life as a single mother.

Meanwhile, Mildred's daughter Jackie Rozo, 27, has spoken out for the first time since the scandal broke saying she had 'no idea' her half brother was the politician's love-child.

In the dark: Young Joseph posed with his cousin at the family event not knowing the true identity of his father

She said she found out about the paternity of her young sibling when the rest of the world did last week.

But she says the scandal has not changed her feelings about her mother.

'She's like a superwoman pretty much', Rosa told U.S. Spanish language network Telemundo. 'She has always been there for us. For me and my brothers. That's why me and my brothers will always be there for her.'

However, Rosa says she has not spoken to her mother since the news broke.

'I love my mother very much and she is a great inspiration for any woman out there working for their kids,' she added.

Schwarzenegger, whose 25 year marriage to Shriver is said to be headed for divorce, was spotted for the first time publicly yesterday riding a bike in Idaho.

Mildred has hit back at television show Entertainment Tonight after her ex-husband made several claims on the show this week.

Family album: A long-haired Joseph holds a guitar looking very much like the Terminator star

Rogelio Baena appeared on the show earlier this week saying he had no idea the child he raised was not his son and called the revelation a 'betrayal'.

But Mildred claims the show paid him 'in excess of six figures to spew lies'.

Her lawyer Michael Saltz sent a letter to the executive producer of E.T. saying that they ran the interview without doing any research into Rogelio's past with Mildred.

The mother-of-four's legal team say they can prove Rogelio was always aware he was not the father because he was out of the country when the 13-year-old boy was conceived and returned to the U.S. after Mildred was already pregnant.

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger is also now accused of using taxpayers money to cover up multiple affairs which has triggered a criminal investigation.

The National Enquirer are reporting that the former governor used his security detail in keeping details of his liaisons a secret.

Veteran law enforcement officer William Taylor made the explosive claims exclusively to the publication and even passed a polygraph test.

He said the Terminator star used California Highway Patrol officers and vehicles to drive young, scantily-clad women to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sacramento on a regular basis.

Schwarzenegger's attorney hit back saying the reports were 'totally and completely false.'

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