By Lucy Buckland

Martine McCutcheon's best friend has branded her 'evil and vindictive' and quit as her chief bridesmaid - just ten days before the actress is set to wed.

Kim Crawford, who has known the Love Actually star for 14 years, claimed her best friend is a manipulative and destructive influence - blowing the lid on Martine's soap sweetheart personsa.

The pair had been inseparable for years but their relationship broke down after Martine, who is marrying Jack McManus next weekend in Italy, revealed to Kim that her husband Jason had kissed a woman on his stag do two years ago.

Manipulative: Martine McCutcheon's best friend Kim Crawford has quit her wedding branding her former pal a 'nasty b***h'

Kim had left her home in Australia for Martine's dress fitting in Paris earlier this year.

What was meant to be a joyful occasion was soured over glasses of champagne as Martine told Kim of her husband's infidelity.

Kim told The Sun: 'I was distraught and it felt as if Martine was enjoying watching me in pain. But when I confronted Jason about it later he was devastated - he had never kissed anyone else.'

In a fit of fury Kim rattled off an email to her best friend quitting her wedding - who shrugged off the conversation and told her to stop acting like 'a spoilt child.'

She can never be happy: Martine McCutcheon is set to marry Jack McManus this weekend in Lake Como - Kim will not be going

Martine, who said she thought her pal would laugh off the accusations, then wrote that she was welcome to quit her wedding if she couldn't bear seeing her happy because of her own marriage problems.

Kim said: 'This is typical Martine, stirring things up. She is a manipulative b***h, destructive and cruel.

'Martine is just one of those people who is so demanding that she won't ever be truly happy. It's sad really.'

Kim added she pities Martine's husband-to-be Jack as he is too nice for the actress and has no idea what he is getting into.

Dumped: Martine will now have to find a new chief bridesmaid for this weekend

For Kim it isn't sorrow she feels over her lost friendship, but anger that she wasted so much time on the actress who she claims drives people away.

Meanwhile Martine, who has reportedly signed a lucrative deal with a glossy magazine to cover her wedding is without a chief bridesmaid and a best friend.

Kim simply had this message for her former pal: 'I wish her a nice f**king life and I am glad she is out of mine.'

A spokesman for Martine was unavailable.

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