By Leah Simpson

They’ve been best friends since before Khloe Kadashian found fame on her numerous reality television shows.

So it’s understandable that Malika was feeling protective of the star and who she makes friends with in her new city Dallas.

But Khloe couldn’t seem to understand why the model and actress was behaving offish when she introduced her visiting pal to her new friend Porschla Coleman in tonight's episode of Khloe & Lamar.

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Together again: Khloe Kardashian's best friend Malika came to visit her in Dallas in this week's episode of Khloe & Lamar

The pregnant wife of basketball player Jason Kidd joined the two for dinner.

She had extended the branch of friendship after hearing Kardashian was out in Dallas alone - and Malika doesn’t think too positively of her.

In a piece to camera she admitted it reminded her of her twin Khadijah leaving her in Los Angeles.

She said: ‘Khloe moving to Dallas is so hard, this just happened with my sister.’

Back at the restaurant, Porschla wasn’t shy about the fact she had picked up on Malika’s cold ways and made reference to the fact she is expecting a second baby so shouldn’t be worried about having time to replace her.

The situation only got worse when she was invited to an animal sanctuary which they were visiting with younger brother Rob Kardashian.

Girly fun? But the actress and model is annoyed that she has to spend her time with new friend Porschla Coleman

Awkward meeting: Coleman find it funny that Malika is threatened by her especially as she is pregnant

Unimpressed: But she is not soothed by Porschla's blunt words

As they were guided around an area with bears and tigers, sharing her time with Khloe’s new associate was clearly affecting Malika.

Standing off to the side, she whispered to Rob: ‘Isn’t it weird that we’re only here for a few days and she invited company?’

But Khloe noticed she was being standoffish when she opted to get in a separate buggy on their way back to the parking lot.

What's she doing here? Malika is annoyed once more as she joins them for their animal sanctuary day out

Animal bliss: But Khloe is too caught up in playing with tigers and bears to notice this time

Despite her comments out of earshot of her good friend, she pretended she had a great time during a discussion in the car ride home.

But when the 27-year-old picked up on her mood, she admitted to Khloe it wasn’t the best time for her to invite company and Khloe labels her jealous, which she denies.

She said she is sorry Malika felt that way but she chose to alienate herself by walking back to the base instead of joining them.

What about me? On their way home Malika hints that is wasn't the right time for Khloe to hang out with her Texas pal

The pair let it lie this time but after turning up late to Malika’s hotel room dressed far too casually for a night out, Malika kicked off and let her know that she has been acting differently, although Kardashian had a perfectly good reason for not being prepared.

She excused herself after a helping Rob deal with a problem, however Malika was angered even further.

Things eventually came to blows and she told her friend – who she is used to seeing at least four times a week - she felt like she was competing for her attention.

Come to blows: Khloe turned up late to Malika's hotel room dressed far too casually for their night out and it angers them further

All for you: The finally clear things up as Khloe says she just wanted to include her in her Dallas life

She shouted: ‘Why am I here should I just go?

‘I don’t think I should have to share my best friend who has moved away.’

It’s only then that they were able to see things from each other’s point of view and Khloe cleared things up by explaining she only wanted to include her friend from home in her new life.

OCD: Elsewhere Khloe is worried about her brother's anxious behaviour

Elsewhere in the episode, Rob took his time in coming to terms with the fact that he has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

As the lease was up on Rob’s LA building, the place where he had just started living on his own, he was having a realtor look at places for him to purchase.

But as he got more and more anxious about sorting things out back home, his older sibling began to notice abnormal behavioural traits.

Retracing his steps: Rob has always been slightly obsessive compulsive but his traits seem to be worsening as he sorts out his living situation

After numerous incidents in the episode - including one where he wanted Khloe to call up the animal keepers to check the bear cage door is closed, and another where he hit a pothole in the road and wanted to circulate the area until he found out what he’d hit - Khloe took action by initially jumping in place of him in the driving seat.

‘The first step of getting better is admitting you need help,’ she shouted through the window with a slight smirk on her face.

Khloe vented about the issue to her husband Lamar as they ate dinner at home. She was prompted to look up symptoms of Rob’s behaviour on her laptop.

Really worried: The 27-year-old expresses concern for her relative to her husband Lamar Odom

Signs of a problem: So the couple research OCD online
And after reading up about OCD she thinks that his problem first came up when her late father got sick.

She realised his moving situation was triggering those feelings again as he doesn’t want to lose control and his independence if forced to move back home.

Trying to sort out his housing issue from Texas proved too stressful though as his behaviour only worsened and his relative suggested he seek professional help.

Rob eventually called a therapist to figure out what was triggering his anxiety and they arrange a time to work together.

Khloe told her brother when he announced his move forward in the right direction: ‘I’m really proud of you for taking that step, it show maturity.’

Seeking help: Rob finally tells his older sibling that he has called a therapist and arranged a session to work on his anxiety

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