By Andrea Magrath

Irresponsible: Rebecca Ferguson has slammed Rihanna as a bad role model

They both appeared on Sunday night's X Factor results show, but their performances could not have been more different.

And now Rebecca Ferguson, 24, has publicly criticised Rihanna for being a bad role model for her fans.

The singer, who won high praise during her stint on X Factor last year for her demure, sophisticated performances, slammed the We Found Love hitmaker in an interview today.

Speaking to OMG Yahoo! Ferguson said: 'I wouldn't let my daughter watch her. As a woman, I want to teach my daughter that a man should love you for who you are.

'They should love you for you as a person, not for how you dress - and you don't have to be a sexual thing to a man.'

Rihanna, 23, has recently stated that she does not consider herself a role model for her young fans, that she 'just wants to make music.'

But Rebecca insists that the popstar lifestyle comes with responsibilities.

Don't blame me: Rihanna has preivously said that she does not wish to be a role model and 'just wants to make music'

'Whether you like it or not, these popstars are role models,' she argued.

'They can say "I've got no kids," but if you want that lifestyle and you want that money, ultimately you are influencing generations and you have to remember that.

They will copy you. Popstars should think of their audience.'

Ferguson was a runner-up in last year's X Factor final when Rihanna's racy performance attracted thousands of complaints.

At the time Ofcom said the routine was ‘at the very margin of acceptability’ after it received 2,868 complaints.

Responsibility: Rebecca says 'if you want that lifestyle and you want that money, ultimately you are influencing generations and you have to remember that'

As a result, the regulator cautioned the 'family' show and issued new guidelines on pre-watershed programming.

Ferguson performed her soulful debut single Nothing's Real But Love on the programme on Sunday, before Rihanna stormed the stage with her latest hit We Found Love.

Despite toning down her outfit after last year's skimpy one caused such outrage, eagle-eyed viewers picked up on Rihanna's shoes, which had 'F***you' scrawled on them.

Risqué: Rihanna's performance on last year's X Factor final attracted thousands of complaints from parents

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