By Sarah Bull

X Factor contestant Jade Richards vowed to 'start believing' in herself after getting through to the next stage of the hit ITV talent show.

She was one of around 60 acts chosen to sing at Wembley Arena in front of a 5,000-strong audience after impressing the judges at the bootcamp stage.

Richards, from Buckhaven in Fife, said: 'I've got to start believing in myself.'

Here come the girls: Jade Richards and Samantha Brookes impressed with their performances

Incredible: The judges were blown away with the girls' performances

Other hopefuls to have made it through included Samantha Brookes, teenager Luke Lucas, from Westgate in Kent, and little Janet Devlin.

However, not every contestant impressed the judges, and those sent home included Lizzie Colbourne, who admitted she was furious with herself for forgetting her words, and Honey Shazab.

The show opened with contestants facing the prospect of proving their talents to the judges at bootcamp.

Making her way to the capital, Janet Devlin said: 'I’m feeling nervous, this is my first time by myself and away to London, or anywhere for that matter.'

Frankie Cocozza said: 'Being at Bootcamp you don’t know what to expect but I think that makes it more exciting. Everyday I’m just a bit closer.'

Emotional: Lizzie burst into tears on stage after forgetting the words to her song

Struggling: Lizzie couldn't stop crying as she recalled the audition backstage afterwards

While the 186 contestants at bootcamp were given the chance to mingle at a welcome party at the luxurious hotel they were put up in in central London, the judges met up to review the audition tapes and decide which of the acts should be put through.

Asking questions like 'Who is the person going to sell to?' and 'Could you see this person headlining a festival?', the panel decide which of the acts will be cut without even being given a chance to sing for them once again.

Judge Gary Barlow said: 'I don't want to work with people who won't go all the way. They can go home - we're looking for stars. Bye bye.'

Meanwhile, the contestants let their hair down at the welcome party, with Frankie proving himself something of a hit with the ladies, with Becky admitting: 'I think Frankie is definitely my kind of guy.'

The next morning, the judges divide the contestants into four specific groups before announcing which of them made it through to the chance to perform once again.

Kelly told the hopefuls: 'Last night while you guys were out enjoying yourselves, we decided to take a look back at your auditions, we reviewed them all on tape, there are some incredibly talented people standing before us, the bar is set extremely high this year.

Deliberations: The judges try to decide which of the acts to send through to the next round and which to send home

Unapologetic: Gary appeared to find the decision easy, while Kelly struggled more

'We only want to work with people we truly believe can go all the way…if you are in the group to the far left, we believe you have potential and you’re staying in the competition.'

Gary added: 'Guys, we have had a chance now to review everything, we don’t believe that everybody standing here today actually has the chance to make it. It’s been a really tough decision but some of you are going to be going home right now

'The group to the left of centre here, I’m so sorry guys, your all going home, to everyone else, we really look forward to working with you this week, see you soon.'

Afterwards, Louis said: 'It’s survival of the fittest and I saw a lot of people out there that weren’t even close, they are not what we are looking for and they won’t have made a career.'

So while acts including Frankie Cocozza, Samantha Brookes and Kitty Brucknell were put through to the next round of the bootcamp stage of the competition, one contestant told he wouldn't be continuing was Curtis Ray White.

He said: 'I want to speak to them, fair enough if they can give me as to why I didn’t get through, they’ve reviewed the tapes and I want to know why, I want an explanation mate.'

Talking to Gary, Curtis said: 'I haven’t even been given a fair opportunity to show you what I can do. I can do it all, I can dance, I can sing...'

Nervous: Little Janet Devlin admitted she was terrified about going to London for bootcamp

What to expect: Frankie Cocozzza and Jade Richards said they were nervous about what the judges had in store for them

But Gary replied: 'You know what mate, the truth of this is your opportunity was your audition, we sat last night and we saw everyone’s audition, to be fair to you, we are saying to you go and make yourself better because there are people a lot better than you in your category, you’re not even going to get a chance, why do we need to lead you on for this week.'

And Tulisa added: 'There is definitely something there that is why we put you through to this stage in the first place, and when we compared you to other people in the category, they were a lot stronger.'

However, Curtis contended: 'It’s not the end. You’ve told me exactly how it is and that’s what I wanted to know.

'He didn’t even have to come out, he had a word with me, he told me what to do so now I am going to come back next year.'

Party time! While the judges decided who would be cut at the first hurdle, the acts celebrated at a welcome party

Cheeky! One girl celebrated by stripping down to her bikini and jumping in the jacuzzi

Ladies' man: Frankie and Beccy appeared to hit it off at the party, sharing a jacuzzi

Then it was time for the judges to set the first challenge of bootcamp for the remaining contestants.

Louis told the hopefuls: 'Guys you have seen how tough we are prepared to be, we are looking for stars, this is a chance of a lifetime, don’t blow it.'

And Gary added: 'And so for our very first challenge today, we are going to put you into groups. Whether you are a solo singer or you’re in a band, I’m a big believer in working with other people, as you will be doing in your career '

The remaining 152 acts were then set the first challenge of bootcamp and were divided into 30 groups and given a a signature track from six of the biggest artists in the business.

The acts were also told they would have to sing a part of the song solo so the judges could assess their individual talents.

Splitting up: One group cheered after being told by the judges they were safe

Tears: The contestants who were told they were going home struggled to control their emotions

Talking about the group challenge, Frankie said: 'We are all just getting on with it, we have all chosen our parts and I think we have chosen it quite well.'

And with Kitty and Honey both wanting to sing the same part in their group's version of You've Got The Love, the tensions continued to run high.

Honey said: 'I have said since I got here, I hope I get this song and I hope I get that part of the song, and she’s like "Oh I want the part".'

However, an oblivious Kitty said: 'Honestly, I was so focused that I didn’t even notice that she had run off and someone said "Oh gosh, Honey has run off" and then I thought, "maybe she has gone to lunch" and then everyone else ran off and I was like "Oh no, maybe something happened".'

And after just four hours of rehearsals, the acts were told they would have to take to the stage at London's Wembley Arena for their performance.

Why me? After being voted off, Curtis was determined to talk to the judges to find out the reasons why

Distressed: After hearing the reasons from Gary, Curtis was much calmer

First up was the group containing Kitty Brucknell, Candice Barron, Lascel Wood, Honey Shazab and Terry Winstanley.

After their performance, Kelly said: 'Oh Kitty did sing her butt off…her and Honey were fighting over the parts.'

And Tulisa added: 'The looks between Honey and Kitty, if looks could kill, them two would be on the floor.'

Sophie Habibis, Joe Gilligan, Amelia- Lily, Max Vickers were also shown singing You've Got The Love for the judges before it was Frankie's turn to take to the stage with his group.

Singing Falling To Pieces with the duo Eskimo Smile and female singer Beccy Shaw, Frankie said afterwards: 'I'm well chuffed with the way it went, I've just got to wait and see whether I've done enough to get myself through.'

And discussing the performance, Gary said: 'Frankie just oozes charisma.'

Belting it out: Frankie and Beccy are just two of the contestants given the chance to perform once more for the judges

Meshing well? The remaining contestants were divided into 30 separate groups for their next audition

Other hopefuls to perform Falling To Pieces included James Michael and Janet Devlin, who said afterwards: 'Everybody has the same dream and they want the same thing that you's nerve-wracking.'

Next up was Derry Mensah, who had made a huge impression on judge Kelly during his first audition.

Before performing Jessie J's Price Tag with his group, Derry said: 'I love Kelly Rowland and if she was to say something negative about my performance I'd be shattered.' Belting out the track, Derry sounded very high and didn't impress the judges.

And Derry wasn't the only one to let down the judges, as Richard Milford, Beverley Birtles and Kendro missed the mark with their performances.

But next up was Luke Lucas, who wowed the judges on his first audition and was hoping to make the same impression this time around.

Who's making it through? The judges conferred after each performance and discussed who they did and didn't like

Belting it out: The remaining hopefuls were split into 30 groups for their performances

Excited: Kelly and Gary looked thrilled with some of the group auditions
Afterwards, Kelly said: 'I was very disappointed.'

And backstage, Luke admitted: 'I am a little bit gutted...I didn't do as good as I could have done.'

The next group on the stage, which included Johnny Robinson, sang Katy Perry's Firework, but Johnny forgot the words to the song through nerves. And Gary said to the other judges: 'If people are letting nerves get the better of them at this point I'm worried by that.'

But Johnny wasn't the only hopeful to forget the words, as Lizzie Colbourne, who had impressed at her audition in Manchester, lost track of the words to Lady Gaga's Born This Way.

After forgetting the words, Lizzie started to cry, telling the judges: 'I'm so sorry.' And seeing her reaction, Kelly said: 'Poor Lizzie, I really like Lizzie too.'

Speaking backstage, Lizzie struggled to control her emotions and said: 'I'm so angry at myself.'

'I just got too nervous': Johnny Robinson also lost track of the lyrics during his performance

Upset: Gary said he was disappointed with the amount of acts forgetting the words to the songs

The next group included Goldie, who had a lot to live up to after her first memorable audition, and singing Born This Way, she included some of her signature moves including writhing on the floor.

Afterwards, Louis said: 'I thought I'd seen everything. I want to see more of Goldie.'

But Gary added: 'I was waiting for the leg...I was a bit disappointed!'

One of the last contestants to take to the stage was Samantha Brookes, who admitted she was feeling insecure.

She said: 'What I'm worried about, the girls who are like 19 and 17, like a size 8, and there's me a size 18, I'm just going to look like a whale...I'm going to look huge compared to the.' After hearing the group sing Firework, Tulisa said: 'I love Samantha', while Gary added, 'Samantha, she's quite good fun...and she can sing.'

However, Samantha was less than happy with her performance, saying backstage: 'It wasn't my best vocal at all, it wasn't my best performance but I can't go back now, so I just hope and pray that I get through and that's all I can do now.'

The final group to perform included Joe Cox, Nicole Simpson and Jade Richards.

Talking backstage before the performance, Jade said: 'It's an amazing experience to be here, I'd like to be able to do well for my family, this is my one opportunity so I really hope it goes well.'

After the group sang You've Got The Love, Gary said: 'Jade is fantastic.' And Tulisa said: 'It looks like she doesn't even know what she's capable of.'

Giving it her all: Goldie broke out some more of her unique dance moves for her audition

Born this way: Goldie writhed around on the stage at Wembley Arena during her audition

After seeing all the contestants, Louis said: 'A few people disappointed us...there was a few people I was looking forward to seeing and they forgot the words, and they let me down, and other people upped their game.'

And Gary agreed: 'Very disappointed in a lot of the contestants...people I thought would be amazing were just mediocre.'

They then had to confer on which of the acts to send home, given the task of cutting 140 to just 60.

Waiting for the judges' decision, Frankie said: 'It would be absolutely amazing if I got through to the next stage.'

Janet said: 'When you get here you realise that you actually want it so much more than you thought and that is so scary.'

Unique: Janet impressed yet again with her soulful voice

Tough choices: The judges attempt to decide which of the acts would be making it through

And Derry said: 'I could do better, but when you go on stage and you're in front of the four judges, the nerves kick in.'

Luke concluded: 'I feel from my first audition that the audience liked me. Hopefully if they put me through, I will put my all in to it.'

The contestants took to the stage in their groups to be told which of them had been put through and which were going home.

Another chance: Luke and Kitty were told they had make it through to the next round

'You need to be strong': Kelly attempted to comfort one girl who was told she hadn't made it through

Luke was told his initial audition had saved him from getting the boot, while Derry was informed he hadn't made it through.

While Frankie was told he had made it, his new love Beccy Shaw didn't get through.

And the tears kept on coming for many other acts, including Lizzie, who failed to impress the judges after forgetting her words.

But it wasn't all bad news, as Kitty Brucknell and Goldie made it through, as well as Terry and Janet.

Louis told the acts: 'We are only looking for people we believe in and people with star quality.'

Winners: The judges talk to the acts they have put through to the next stage

Lifeline: While giving some of the contestants they had chosen not to put through another chance... but dividing them into groups

But I'm a solo artist! Some of the hopefuls looked unsure about the prospect of being in a group

After making their decision, the judges decided to collect a few of the contestants they had thrown out of the competition.

Tulisa told them: 'We feel all of you have a lot of potential but not necessarily as solo artists. So if anyone in this room isn't happy with being in a group, you need to leave now.'

The judges then split the 24 peolpe they had recalled into groups and told they would be working with the judges the next day to see if they are a good fit, before performing again in the second bootcamp challenge.

The show ended with the judges telling the acts their final bootcamp challenge would be to learn one song and make it their own, before performing in front of an additional 5,000 people as well as the judging panel.

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